June 7, 2023

1 thought on “Discussion: 2022, transhumanism, freedom convoys

  1. Sense of SELF & the Transhumanism Chronicles;
    Year 2022; 0630 E.S.Time; Somewhere near CAN’TBERRA.
    Mr ‘Potato Head’, arose @ Kibilli House to check the Cranial Scar tissue healing over his latest ‘Augment Upgrade!’ Looking at the Bathroom mirror;
    Potato Head; “That looks BLOODEY KOOL! I feel Brilliant already with my New 8K, CUBE 21 /S.M.A.R.T Potato Chip, Incorporating Faster Processing!
    Now, where’s that Report on Jabbing Infants! This Policy should be a Doddle, with ALL those ‘KILLER bits’ Now PART OF ME! Much better than those ‘Other Alternative Upgrades. THEY’RE using ‘Pretzel Logic!’ And look, it must be the ‘Original Wave’ version. There’s a Ripple in My Scalp, – or is that ‘Original Crinkle Cut’?”
    Walking passed the Microwave; “Sss! Sss! HEY, PRETis Features? Do you want to Hook up?”
    Potato Head; “Is someone There? Is that preTIS? Is ‘Someone’ there, trying to Connect with MY UTR Translational Initiation Site? Buggar! I’ve got a sudden urge to eat Peanut paste & throw myself onto a Mouse Trap! Hello? Who’s there?”
    Walking Passed the T.V.; “Sss! Sss! Hey! Pretis? Don’t You Like the Microwave?”
    Potato Head; “I don’t have to Defend Myself! Where’d that come from? Sounds Bosnian!” (Better keep Moving.)
    Walking passed the Kitchen S.M.A.R.T. Fridge; “Sss! Sss! HEY, Pretai? Do you want to Hook Up? Noticed The MicroWave & T.V. obviously aren’t on the same Wavelength! ”
    Potato Head; “For God’s Sake! Now I think the Fridge is in My Head! WHAT?”
    Fridge; Just thought I’d let you Know. Your running short of a Litre of Milk, & a Loaf of Bread! Do you ‘Know’ what their worth, so I can Budget it in for you? & apparently the car needs Fuel!”
    Potato Head; “WHAT IS THIS? NO I DON’T KNOW THE BLOODEY COST! Perhaps I should have got the Pretzel Upgrade instead! I’ll ask Hunt, how he’s going with HIS !”
    Aide walks into kitchen; “Are you Alright Sir? I thought i heard you Conversing with someone?”
    P.H.; “Er No. Just practicing ‘Connecting with our, MY Constituents!'”
    Aide; “Well, you’ll need to know the Cost of a loaf of Bread & a Litre of Mi–”
    P.H; “I KNOW ! I KNOW! I JUST BLOODE — Know! o.k.
    Get MPt Hunt on the Line, & book me in for another Neural Downgrade!”
    Aide; “Is that POSSIBLE Sir?”

    Wellness. THE ‘Cube’, IT’S EVERYWHERE!

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