Discussion: 2022, transhumanism, freedom convoys

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On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash from TOTT News joins General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia to discuss the path ahead for Australia in 2022, perpetual virus warfare morphing, The Wellcome Leap, potential school mandates, convoys heading to Canberra and more.




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Denmark scraps most pandemic restrictions

Third doses set to be required for full vaccination in Australia

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Transhumanism: When sci-fi becomes reality

VIDEO: Australian convoys head to Canberra

UPDATES: Australians join viral protests with #ConvoytoCanberra

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‘Awakening’ The Masses? – Lessons from Brave New World



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1 comments on “Discussion: 2022, transhumanism, freedom convoys”

  1. Sense of SELF & the Transhumanism Chronicles;
    Year 2022; 0630 E.S.Time; Somewhere near CAN’TBERRA.
    Mr ‘Potato Head’, arose @ Kibilli House to check the Cranial Scar tissue healing over his latest ‘Augment Upgrade!’ Looking at the Bathroom mirror;
    Potato Head; “That looks BLOODEY KOOL! I feel Brilliant already with my New 8K, CUBE 21 /S.M.A.R.T Potato Chip, Incorporating Faster Processing!
    Now, where’s that Report on Jabbing Infants! This Policy should be a Doddle, with ALL those ‘KILLER bits’ Now PART OF ME! Much better than those ‘Other Alternative Upgrades. THEY’RE using ‘Pretzel Logic!’ And look, it must be the ‘Original Wave’ version. There’s a Ripple in My Scalp, – or is that ‘Original Crinkle Cut’?”
    Walking passed the Microwave; “Sss! Sss! HEY, PRETis Features? Do you want to Hook up?”
    Potato Head; “Is someone There? Is that preTIS? Is ‘Someone’ there, trying to Connect with MY UTR Translational Initiation Site? Buggar! I’ve got a sudden urge to eat Peanut paste & throw myself onto a Mouse Trap! Hello? Who’s there?”
    Walking Passed the T.V.; “Sss! Sss! Hey! Pretis? Don’t You Like the Microwave?”
    Potato Head; “I don’t have to Defend Myself! Where’d that come from? Sounds Bosnian!” (Better keep Moving.)
    Walking passed the Kitchen S.M.A.R.T. Fridge; “Sss! Sss! HEY, Pretai? Do you want to Hook Up? Noticed The MicroWave & T.V. obviously aren’t on the same Wavelength! ”
    Potato Head; “For God’s Sake! Now I think the Fridge is in My Head! WHAT?”
    Fridge; Just thought I’d let you Know. Your running short of a Litre of Milk, & a Loaf of Bread! Do you ‘Know’ what their worth, so I can Budget it in for you? & apparently the car needs Fuel!”
    Potato Head; “WHAT IS THIS? NO I DON’T KNOW THE BLOODEY COST! Perhaps I should have got the Pretzel Upgrade instead! I’ll ask Hunt, how he’s going with HIS !”
    Aide walks into kitchen; “Are you Alright Sir? I thought i heard you Conversing with someone?”
    P.H.; “Er No. Just practicing ‘Connecting with our, MY Constituents!'”
    Aide; “Well, you’ll need to know the Cost of a loaf of Bread & a Litre of Mi–”
    P.H; “I KNOW ! I KNOW! I JUST BLOODE — Know! o.k.
    Get MPt Hunt on the Line, & book me in for another Neural Downgrade!”
    Aide; “Is that POSSIBLE Sir?”

    Wellness. THE ‘Cube’, IT’S EVERYWHERE!

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