History of An Idea: The Making of Mysticism

Examining how the word was formed, transformed, discussed and debated through the ages.

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The deeper mechanics.
Tracing the etymology and meanings of the word mysticism, including coded initiation and an analysis of how the emergence of literature in the 17th century changed perceptions for modern scholars.
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How much do you engage with the ‘hidden codes’ of reality?

What are your thoughts on the field of mysticism?

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  1. Personally I feel more connected to the mystical, the unseen but felt, an innate symbiosis with a universal energy. In my view, religion is the anthropomorphism of universal energies/mysticism. I find greater resonance and spiritual alignment with syncretism over any organised religion. Each to their own, and as I do not personally subscribe to a particular faith, does not mean I won’t entertain any of their teachings, I just don’t take it as literal. We are all students on the road to enlightenment, absorb all you can from the many sources we have access to (including your internal self).

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