September 27, 2023

11 thoughts on “Is the Mainstream Media a Threat to Freedom and Sanity?

  1. “It is the Press above All, which wages a positively Fanatical & Slanderous struggle, Tearing down Everything which can be regarded as a Support of National Independence, Cultural elevation, And the Economic Independence of a Nation!”
    “The Receptivity of the Masses is very Limited, their Intelligence is Small, but their Power of forgetting is Enormous. In consequence of all these Facts, all Effective Propaganda must be limited to a very Few points and must harp on these in Slogans until the last member of Public understands what you want him to understand by your Slogans!”
    THANK YOU THE MEDIA! ALL above, Observations, Compliments of Mssr ADOLPH HITLER.

      1. Young Adolph was an ‘Observant Man!’ This is all I relate!
        The Zionists [Radical Powerful Social ‘Core’ Jews],were instrumental in Rebellions in History, including Russian Revolution, & Leveraging Defeat on Germany WW 1.
        Zionist Industrialists Sponsored & struck trade deals with the Nazi’s ’til as late as 1934 [Medalions struck at time Swastika 1 side, Star of David other side]. Hitler was part of Another Globalist Multi Phase Stratagem, on many fronts. The Maelstrom leading up to, During & Post WW2, is NOTHING to Celebrate on BOTH sides of The Divide! Current 75th Anniversary of Systemic murder of German Captured POWs by Allied Forces [Predominantly USA], in Rhine Camps & beyond. POWs ‘Rebadged’ as DEFs – NO Food/Medical/Shelter/hydration/Protection from Guards/Slave Labour. = Est 1.5 -1.8 Million DEAD – NO Charges/Trial/Representation [Records purposely destoryed 1949-51 by Allied Forces]. 5 Million marched off into Russia. A Further 11 Million German Civilians IN Germany perished AFTER WW2s END. 20 Million Ethnic Men women Children Civilian Germans Force Marched out of Eastern German/Prussia in Winter 1946/7 = 2 Million Dead, predominantly Women/kids! & ON! ‘Godsend’, is not quite the ‘Term’ I would refer to!
        Zionists are NOT representative of Main Stream Jews!! Allied & Jewish ‘Interests'[ Global Industrialists], Traded right thru WW 2 WITH the SS Reichsbank, & The Nazis war machine], as part of ‘Commerce’ = ‘WAR, BAD for People, GREAT for ‘Business!’ Exaggerated Numbers of ‘Casualties’ in Conflict, are ‘Bartered’ for ‘FUTURE SHIELD’! The Stratagem of ‘Don’t criticise US, on Policy! We have A Holocaust CARD!’ This is ‘Strategic Leverage!’
        ‘Skeptical?’ Have a look at the Current ‘Zionist Lead’, Vaccination protocols on ‘Their OWN Chosen People!’ Israel. Zionists are ‘Above it!’
        Being Born into Wealth /Connectivity, does NOT make all Entity’s Beholden TO Country of Birth, Nor considerate of that same Countries ‘Population below a Preset level of Society!’
        Jews have a High historical profile, Central Banking, Media Etc., but it’s NOT A GIVEN, that ‘Global Actions or Actors’ are result of ‘Their’ construct, alone!
        Wellness to You.

  2. All true. Left Grammar school, one for smart kids supposedly, at 16. No more qualifications since, except driving license. Been at the university of life ever since, 40+ years love it. Now I wonder I’ve often wondered that if I’d have stayed in public education to be ‘trained’ could I now of been a twit bullying people in tyranny now taking place? Quite possibly.

    1. The ‘Graft of Childhood’,[ & quite Traumatic/ Brutal, dependent on early Environment ‘Ops’, Ongoing it seems sometimes]. AND, ‘Unpopularity with THE ‘IN Crowd’, condemns the ‘Child Individuals’ to be set as ‘Satellite Lepers!’ Unbeknown to the ‘Child’, this sets up/ Conditions a Future NON Dependence on ‘Acceptability’, by the Same Social ‘Older’ Set!
      ‘Leper Conditioning’, mentally Fertilizes & Nurtures ‘Independent Critical Thought process, &, Cooperation between Like minded Individuals!’
      Remembering back to Childhood, WHERE are these ‘Centre of the Universe’ Socialites NOW? = HERD Programmed!

  3. And I like THIS quote from Thoreau: “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves”. This, with Solzhenitsyn’s “Live not by lies”, shapes my attitude and behaviour toward,and my response to, all things “covid”.

  4. Freedom begins in the mind. Freedom ends in the mind. Simple straight forward and frightening. The ability to construct, dream and build allows the moving forward without reliance.

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