Brisbane campaigners oppose medical apartheid in march to QLD government HQ

A group of pro-choice campaigners have taken to the streets of Brisbane’s CBD today, protesting against incoming restrictions for the unvaccinated on December 17.

Ahead of national rallies scheduled for this weekend, Brisbane residents today took the opportunity to hold a warm up ‘Reject Apartheid’ rally in the CBD — while government officials were in the area.


A large group weathered the conditions on short notice, gathering at King George Square and marching through the Brisbane CBD in protest against impending restrictions from December 17.

The crowd held signs rejecting “medical apartheid” and “coercion”.

One protester was seen waving an Australian flag upside down, and another held aloft a Eureka flag, while the action prompted the next-door Queensland Parliament to lock its gates.

Some protesters stood at Parliament fence and shouted: “stop protecting the paedophiles”.

Triccy Triddy, event organiser, read from a prepared statement calling on the government to drop its plans to bar unvaccinated people from dining in at cafes and attending live music events after December 17, or once the state hits an 80 per cent ‘full vaccination’ rate.

During the march, the group stopped outside the government HQ on William Street, hoping to speak to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. The crowd began booing when it became clear she would not meet with the crowd, before the motto “you serve us” was chanted in unison.

Police were at one stage forced to step in between elements of the crowd and a Seven News crew, with protesters singling out the team amid shouts of “tell the truth”.

Once again, the mainstream media presstitutes are not very welcome in Australia anymore.

The protesters were met with a heavy police presence outside the headquarters, including mounted officers, 4WDs, and both uniformed and specially-equipped tactical police.

Organisers praised the crowd for their enthusiasm ahead of the World Wide Rally For Freedom event in Brisbane on Saturday at the City Botanic Gardens (12:00pm), as part of national actions.


The People’s Revolution livestreamed the march in Brisbane via Facebook this afternoon.

Check out both parts in their entirety embedded below:



If you see us on Saturday, come and say hi!


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3 comments on “Brisbane campaigners oppose medical apartheid in march to QLD government HQ”

  1. Well done Tricci & supporters. Look forward to seeing you at a Big Rally on Saturday. It is rumoured that A Stasi et al have a big lockdown planned for Qld either late this year or early next year…this needs to be defied massively, which will be the start of consigning this bunch of disgusting quislings/quaxlings to the dustbin of history.

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