September 27, 2023

7 thoughts on “In this city, a positive COVID test is followed by a knock at the door and a van to take you away

  1. Ms Kim’s first mistake: getting quaxxed.
    Her second mistake: submitting to nasal rape, followed by the fraudulent “covid test” + host DNA collection for the “Internet of Bodies” database.
    Is South Korea’s draconian covid industrial complex any less onerous than North Korea’s? Probably not.

    Yeah, what’s not to like about the Korean covid approach, Michael Toole? (Toole by name, “tool” by nature), “one of Australia’s foremost public health experts”. With geniuses like this directing the covid pantomime, now we know why Ozcatraz has become the “Vacci-Nation” it is, a marvel for the rest of the world to behold. Thanks Ethan, I have a new candidate for the next Quaxling award…not that I’m short of them…quite the opposite. And how much longer can I risk coming to Qld from SA to help my daughter and her family out, with “Wellcamp” beckoning? OMG, that’s even more Orwellian than SA “Health”.

  2. It has recently come to my attention that the biggest champion of vaccinations for over 200 years up to now has been the Papacy. A study of the Papacy’s vaccination campaigns (compulsory) reveals details similar to today, which means the Papacy is behind what is going on now.

    1. Dene, there is a photo on the www featuring the head of the Jesuits, the so-called “Black Pope”, Arturo Saha, flanked by Bill Gates and Tony Fauci, and it is clear who is THE BOSS.

  3. This is Covid porn crazy for getting the flu (which no-one gets anymore). Stop feeding off the MSM, FB etc & overnight life returns to normal. It’s as easy as that 😀

  4. Perhaps Çamp Security candidates’ could train with Victorian Police Squads, on Goon Techniques, Chemical Dispersal, ALL age ‘Take Downs’, & Passive Denial Systems, for a Well rounded PRE Education, on this ‘HEALTH?’ Issue. Perhaps Police, ‘Lacking in Intimidation Interfaces with The General Public, OR, Not Generating enough SPUNK in Breaking up Social/Family Unity, could serve a Penal period as Stalag Guards, similar to Historical Waffen SS Individuals? Hell, They may even make it on Re Runs of Time Life! WHO’s running The Crematoriums? W.H.O. – Probably, with Ádvice’ on Low Carbon Emissions to BOOT! THE ‘GOD’ Man Neo Messiah [Bill Gates – Minus Melinda G, J.Epstein, & OR, A Nobel Prize [Maybe an Oscar for Over acting Drama]] could perhaps fly in Together with Mssr Soros & Kissinger on his Private Lear Jet, to save on those Nasty CON JOB CO2 & Fuel Expenditures!
    Signage over the ‘Health Campus’ Main Entrance with some Nostalgic Flair, THE Government may have;
    A reserved small orchestra playing, Çamile Saint Sains, Danse Macabre.
    Guest appearances by OberGruppenFuhrer Dan Andrews, Dark Helmet Played” by Any of the ‘Vaccine Commanders’. SHIT! Forgot! IS THERE A ‘DOCTOR’ IN DA HOUSE?
    WHO to Choose to Play Dr Josef Mengele? Experimentor Extrordinaire!
    The Agony of Decision, SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! The A.M.A? Nope, just LapDogs! THE TGA? Nope, more of the SAME! MS or S Media? Nope, they Couldn’t lay straight in Bed, nor remember their own Bullshit! Got It! Seeing as HE would have been a PROPER NAZI, & with his Record of Genocide Promotion, Global Para Military Repression Policies, PLUS, his 2009 Address to THE United Nations on Global Population ‘Reductions’, & the ÚSAGE’ of Human Youth as Organ & Bloods Harvesting FOR PROFIT, it’s Got to Be – “Drum Roll Please! Can I please have THE Award Envelope? – I JUST CAN’T WAIT!
    THE WINNER IS – BRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr BaDum!! (Simulated Drums, Batteries Not Included, made ‘Somewhere outside of Australia – Like everything – ‘incl The Govt.)
    IT’S – HENRY KISSINGER!! HOOT, HOOT! &, HE’S OF GERMAN EXTRACTION! AND, HE’S ALREADY HELPING DIRECT TRAFFIC HERE,! SO WE SHOULD GET A GOOD RATE! – Er Sorry! OUR, Sorry, THE, Australian Dollar [Even though as a Collective WE AREN’T in the BIN as much as a lot of other Economies ARE], IS Struggling Value wise Against ALL other currencies [CONTRIVED]. SO THAT’S F#CKED!
    GOOD NEWS, IT’S NOT ALL DOOM & GLOOM! THE Government has Found, loose Term, WISDOM! – ER, NO. SORRY AGAIN! I apologise for this Unwarranted appearance of a Totally Irrelevant Concept [wisdom] By ANY METRIC in Association with Current Government or Agencies/Enforcement or Corporate! Local OR Global!
    Back to GOOD NEWS! A Niche market for Potential Investment Expansion, Internal National, on Timed Hedged Economics, Systemic Kept Youth, with, Commonwealth Obfuscationary Vaccine Intimidation Dependence, for, Social Welfare Internment Non Disease Living Exile.
    Or as The Government/ Corporate/Globalists will refer to IT in future as it’s Acronym;
    MAD? Please, there are Children present!
    Apologies in References to former Members of Waffen SS units, German Extractions, Learned citizens, Unexpected intrusion of Rogue Conceptual word- ‘wisdom’, and inability’ by me, to reproduce link here of ‘Danse Macabre’, for Atmospheric effect.
    Take this as you will.

  5. A friend in Oz sent me this I wonder if you Ethan can verify if it’s really happening? If so it must be being kept very quiet?


    We need to state again, that we are not doctors or lawyers and we are not giving you legal or medical advice. We are simply pro choice and pro freedom and are steering you toward what others may be doing to help their situation in the face of possible medical tyranny.

    SUPREME COURT OF NSW, Case of Kassam, Henry vs. Hazzard, current Minister of Health in NSW

    On Wednesday 6th. October, in the West Australian newspaper

    A legal challenge to mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirements for some NSW workers has been launched in the state’s highest court, as virus infections continue to climb by more than a thousand cases per day.

    Sydney solicitor Tony Nikolic on Wednesday filed the suit against Health Minister Brad Hazzard and Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant in the NSW Supreme Court, with the matter due to be heard for the first time on Friday.

    Law firm Ashley, Francina, Leonard and Associates argues the public health orders requiring “a broad class of workers” be vaccinated is illegal and unconstitutional, as are the extra powers granted to police to enforce public health orders.
    We have received thousands of inquiries from front-line workers – police, paramedics, nurses, aged care (staff), doctors, firefighters – construction workers, teachers, airline staff, miners, truck drivers, university students, mums and dads and, importantly, employers, a spokesperson said in a statement.

    It is our view that vaccine compulsion strips citizens of their basic human rights, including their right to work, their right to bodily integrity and their right to informed consent to medical treatment without coercion.

    The suit will seek a declaration that the NSW public health orders are invalid and a ban on any further orders made by Mr Hazzard and Dr Chant.

    No-one is above the law, including ministers and public health officers.
    A response has been sought from Dr Chant and Mr Hazzard.

    Mr Nikolic has advertised for plaintiffs to join the suit on the firm’s website and social media network Telegram, the platform used to organise and incite anti-lockdown protests across the country.

    In a post to Telegram on Saturday, Mr Nikolic praised politicians like Craig Kelly, Reverend Fred Nile and Pauline Hanson for their opposition to mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns.

    You are born free, free to choose, freedom from arbitrary detention, freedom of bodily integrity – don’t give it away for free, he said. Don’t be bullied.
    We also wonder how it is that after $65 million of our taxpayer dollars being spent on research that none of the alternative therapeutics, now widely accepted in many countries, have not even been even remotely considered as alternative treatments?

    The case for the defendants, Hazzard and Chant

    This is documented in a 35 page dissertation which is easily found with a fairly simple search of Google. After reading the 35 pages it appeared to us that it all boiled down to the fact that under the Act, the Health Minister can exercise Emergency powers restricting various freedoms.
    The exercise of these powers must be reasonable and relative to the risks and rewards of such actions.

    The case for the plaintiffs Kassam and Henry

    Funnily enough the case for the plaintiffs was not easily found on Google, in fact, it was not found at all.

    The following was gleaned from and interview with Matthew Hopkins, the solicitor on the case and a series of tweets and communications sent out during the case. Court transcripts are not yet available, so it does need to be cross referenced when information is made available.

    The Trial

    The hearing of the evidence of this case was completed last Friday 8th. October and the justice has not delivered a verdict as at Wednesday 13th. October.
    The importance of this case cannot be over stated because the outcome will dictate the future powers of Health Ministers and Chief Medical Officers for years to come.
    According to Matthew Hopkins, the case boiled down to something as simple as, Did the Minister and the Chief Health Officer exercise Emergency powers beyond reasonableness to the risk, especially when NO State of Emergency was declared.

    The plaintiffs are claiming the Minister and Chief Medical Officer went beyond the powers granted to them under the Act and in so doing, inflicted unnecessary damage on themselves and the wider community.

    The Siracusa Principles, adopted by the UN Economic and Social Council in 1984 provide authoritative guidance on government responses that restrict human rights for reasons of public health or national emergency. These principles state that measures taken to protect the population that limit peoples rights and freedoms MUST BE LAWFUL, NECESSARY, AND PROPORTIONATE.

    Our comment. That is essentially the decision facing the good justice, were the actions of the government lawful, necessary and proportionate to the outbreak? The impact of this decision will be felt for generations.

    Some Key FINDINGS from Day 1. From Dr. Ah Kahn Syed

    The lead vaccine researchers driving all government policy in Australia received $65,330,038 in government grants covering 2020 and 2021. Grants of this size are unprecedented and consisted of 14 grants adding up to over $65 million.

    The name K Macartney appears next to every single one of the grants. This refers to Professor Kristine Macartney, who is a paediatrician specialising in infectious diseases at the University of Sydney. She is also a Director of the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, NCIRS. She is also a member of the Advisory Committee on Vaccines, ACV of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the same TGA which banned the use of Ivermectin and other therapeutic options for treating COVID, DESPITE THEIR HIGH RATE OF EFFICACY IN OTHER COUNTRIES.

    Professor Kristine Macartney has also acted as EXPERT CONSULTANT to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Two of the major shareholders of the WHO are the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Bill Gates, a prominent Eugenisist.

    Our comment

    It is generally accepted that the University of Sydney is the most politically left leaning school in the country.

    We wonder how is it possible that $65 million of Australian taxpayers money was spent on research to find the solution predetermined by the WHO and its masters?

    Who were the politicians that signed off on the 14 grants?

    Who is actually running the entire Medical hierarchy of Australia?

    Key FINDINGS from other Days.

    The findings presented to the court by QC Marcus Clark as Testimony or Findings from 27 scientists and virologists that were subpoenaed, that any person who has inoculated with the shots they are calling a quaxxine are 1300 percent more transmissible than a person who has not received a shot. They also stated that the shots people are having injected into them have ZERO efficacy against this particular strain. ZERO.

    This was stated under oath in the Supreme court.

    Our comment

    This means that 27 eminent virologists have testified under oath that that the current vaccines, actually decrease you immune system and make you more than 13 times more likely to get COVID than someone who has not vaccinated yet. Really?

    Will the fake news or the government or the doctors ever tell you that? Why not?

    Does this explain why the number of cases is on the rise, even after influenza season has gone?

    Is this the NEW WORLD ORDER that Kerry Chant told us on national TV was here?

    Is this why we better get used to lockdowns as a way of life?

    Is Australia indeed the template for how the NWO will take over the world?

    Freedom Day in NSW

    Amongst a bunch of hoopla and media celebration regarding the partial opening of NSW on Manday11th. October, the reality has set in for some people.

    Things are only open if you have been double vaxxed. If you have made a Medical choice to stay unvaccinated you may be denied entry into essential services like Doctors and Dentists. This is not to mention hairdressers, restaurants.

    Even worse, what happens if you have medical emergency, will the doctors refuse to attend to you and watch you die, as has happened in some parts of the United States?

    We just do not know.

    But we do know that there big burly security guards at almost every shop at Westfield, Bondi junction who refused entry to anyone that refused to anyone who could not or would not produce proof of vaccination.

    The atmosphere was so depressing. An eye witness told us it was like Nazi Germany circa 1938.

    By the way, none of these big burly guards, shopkeepers, waiters or anybody have any rights to ask for you medical proof. Refer Privacy Act.

    Also the government may be acting in an unlawful manner by passing a Public Health Order that attempts to conscript them to collect data. Businesses can apply to the government department for an exemption from collecting such data. They are most likely to get one.

    Discrimination law in Australia (according to Beth Gaze, Professor of Law at Melbourne University.

    The Prime Minister has advised that businesses may refuse entry for the non vaccinated. However some people are arguing that this may not be absolutely true.
    Discrimination laws in Australia exist concurrently at both a state or territory and Commonwealth level.

    Professor of law at the University of Melbourne Beth Gaze told Fact Check there was an important distinction between what the law defines as discriminatory and how the term is often used in everyday language.

    What’s going on here is the difference between what people say in everyday conversation: thats discriminatory which is just any distinction that they do not like the look of, and what the law actually defines as discrimination which is a much more restrictive set of actions, she said.

    Discrimination law lecturer at Monash University Liam Elphick told Fact Check that discrimination law prohibited distinction on the basis of certain protected attributes such as race, gender and disability.

    In relation to federal discrimination laws, the Attorney-General’s Department website advises that: In Australia, it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of a number of protected attributes including age, disability, race, sex, intersex status, gender identity and sexual orientation in certain areas of public life.
    Some states have a broader set of protected attributes including Victoria where political belief or activity is a protected attribute as well as religious belief or activity. Similar provisions apply in Tasmania.

    Our comment: Such discrimination may also be extended to Medical Choice discrimination. Always get advice from a lawyer.

    Indirect discrimination
    Mr Elphick said discrimination laws at both state and federal levels prohibited direct and in some cases indirect forms of discrimination on the basis of a protected attribute.

    In discrimination law, we prohibit two types of discrimination. Direct discrimination is the one that most people know of. This is the more blatant form of discrimination where you are treating someone unfavourably because of a protected attribute, he said.

    Mr Elphick pointed to the hypothetical scenario of a job advertisement that was advertised as only being available to males as an example of direct discrimination.
    Indirect discrimination is where you have a general policy or requirement that applies equally to everyone, but the effect of the policy is that it disadvantages some people because of their protected attribute, he said.

    An example is a restaurant that is only accessible via stairs and does not cater for wheelchair access.


    A client of ours experienced this just in the last week. Our client had a critical medical appointment in two days and was called by the doctor’s office to make sure that he had either a vaccine certificate or a positive test result. He asked what would happen if he did not have one or the other. The receptionist replied that he would be turned away.

    He then advised the receptionist that this was a critical procedure and that he would lose part or all his eyesight if not carried out. The receptionist replied coolly, You probably will not lose ALL of your sight, only some.
    He hung up on the receptionist and immediately called his lawyer.


    The lawyer advised that he should write immediately to the doctor stating his case, and that he was willing to be tested if the doctor could refer him to a test that could separate COVID, Influenza and Common cold. Of course no such test exists in the world.

    He then added in the letter the course of action he would take if his appointment was denied.

    Basically this was:
    • Contact the medical ombudsman or equivalent
    • Approach the Human Rights Commission
    • Instruct his solicitor to litigate against the doctor in the Supreme court.

    He also gave the doctor to call him back within 2 hours before he started proceedings.

    The doctor called back in an hour and suitable compromise was eventually reached. The treatment would be administered at an hour when the least other patients were there.

    Here is what we believe is happening. The Government thinks it can mandate the vaccines when a number of states open up in the coming weeks. Dan Andrews has advised all Victorians, if you are unvaccinated, you will not be able to engage in this economy, that is, to live.

    This may be unlawful, but it is the strongest form of coercion, and the government at all levels is trying to force businesses to be their unpaid police and enforce these rules.

    Some businesses are now advising they will not service you if you have not been vaccinated, or similar words on their websites. This may be unlawful on a number of grounds,
    • They are not authorized medical officers, Privacy Act
    • They may be discriminating against you on the grounds of Medical Choice
    • They may be violating your Human Rights
    • If it is an employer, they may be in violation of the Fair Work Act.

    However as seen above the law is unclear in this space and has not yet been fully tested in the Supreme Courts.

    There may be relief, on the basis of DISCRIMINATION BY MEDICAL CHOICE if you know the law better than those trying to exclude you and you find a lawyer who is willing to fight for you.

    Here are some things you can do immediately

    • Google
    • See your common law, human rights or constitutional lawyer. Not all lawyers are awake, so you might have to work hard just to find the right lawyer
    • Call and write to your local member of Parliament and ask how are local businesses to administer this new mandate when it is unlawful to ask ANYBODY what their medical status is, unless you are an Authorised Medical Officer. There are very few of these, and to our knowledge none of them are police, business owners, waiters, receptionists sales clerks etc.
    • Draft letters to various businesses and if refused entry issue them with a letter of consequence, similar to what our client did last week. NOTE You will need assistance from a lawyer with drafting these letters, so it is not recommended to do it yourself. Obtain some legal assistance.
    • You must be prepared to go all the way.


    It will be a long road and you will need strong legal advice, but it may well be worth it.


    On Friday, Spain joined a group of eight other countries who declared from their Supreme Court that COVID 19, or SARS 2, does NOT exist as a virus. That is, it has been declared a bio weapon.

    The ramification of this finding is that virtually all the assumptions and treatments about COVID are incorrect, ineffective and possibly unlawful.
    Country after country are finding this out, but progress is slow.

    Go to Bitchute, search for Dr. Charlie Ward and search through the headlines until you find the headline on Spanish Supreme Court.

    Whilst the courts acknowledge that COVID 19 certainly does exist, it does not exist in nature and is manmade. In fact, there are 73 patents relating to SARS 1 and SARS 2 and also to the vaccines.

    If you want to see the shocking evidence of this go to Bitchute, search for David E Martin.

    Dr. Martin is the founding CEO of M CAM, the international leader in intellectual property based financial risk management. Sounds fancy but basically they audit most of the US patents to see if they pass the Quality tests.

    The interviews with Reiner Fuellmich will blow your mind.

    Yes folks, this stuff has been around for over 15 years. They have just been waiting for the right time to weaponise it.


    There are Supreme Court cases, ICAC and IBAC corruption cases and Fair work cases in both Victoria and NSW as we write this and more coming in the next few weeks and months.

    Many of these are class actions. There are a lot of pissed off people in Australia. There are also a lot of layback, she will be right mate, types.

    Well what we are experiencing is that she will not be right, and we need to do something.

    DO NOT attempt anything violent. Help is available. Get onto some of the networks that we have given you, write to your MPs, your religious leaders, your council members, form community and social group, share the information.

    If you are being coerced into anything seek legal advice. There is always something that can be done.

    Some of the findings to date contradict the claims about COVID made by our governments. Much, much more will be revealed in the coming weeks.

    The anti discrimination laws, for businesses discriminating against people may have some hope for the unvaccinated. These have not yet been tested in Australia in the Supreme Court.

    The legal fraternity has been asleep throughout most of COVID, but is now waking up. The cases before the Courts are getting stronger and stronger and there are more of them every day.

    Around the world, the people are revolting against their government medical tyranny and perceived medical apartheid.

    The recognised, in various courts, TRUTH, so far.
    • COVID 19 is a manmade bio weapon, developed in a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan
    • It hit Australia around February to March 2020
    • The Chinese publicly stated that they had brought COVID under control within 6 weeks using severe lockdowns, facemasks, separation etc.
    • The World Health Organisation announced these measures to the world
    • On the advice of a Sydney University professor, who has ties to the WHO, Australia almost immediately switched to these measures and started lockdowns for a few weeks
    • We are now 18 months into those lockdowns and further measures are now being mandated that have NOTHING to do with COVID.
    • Australia paid $65 million to the professor for her advice after researching into all things COVID
    • All existing therapeutics such as HydroxyChloroQuin and Ivermectin were immediately banned in March 2020. That is correct, things that we knew worked were debunked and we were left with invalidated solutions form Communist China
    • To date there is no research that shows the efficacy of lockdowns, masks, vaccination passports etc. despite the vast sums paid specifically for this research
    • Numerous studies have now been made overseas and alternative therapies such as HydroxyChloroQuin and Ivermectin and others show far better results than any other treatments
    • Our Health Leaders are still refusing to consider the therapeutics that have obviously worked overseas. Notably in India and Africa and now in many countries in Europe.
    • Senior Australian Government Officers and Medical Officers are being sued in the Supreme Courts and Anti Corruption tribunals on a range of charges. Some 200 cases are pending.
    • The NSW Premier and Deputy Premier resigned within a few days of each other
    • The Victorian Premier also fronts an IBAC anti corruption Tribunal next Friday.
    • Despite the court cases and sheer volume of evidence the Premiers have doubled down and are making restrictions even tougher whilst pretending to lift the lockdowns which were supposed to last a few weeks only.


    As always please remember we are not doctors or lawyers and you should ALWAYS get legal or medical advice before you proceed.

    Last week we reported that Jan Kumber had an appeal for Unfair Dismissal heard in the Fair Work Tribunal and a verdict made on September 28th. The Vice President of the appeal committee voted for the appeal to be upheld on a number of grounds that had previously been publicly considered conspiracy theories by the mainstream media, the medical fraternity, the Government, the legal fraternity and many others. The Vice President quoted a whole raft of research studies that refuted, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these were conspiracy theories, but were facts.

    One of our clients, Robert, wrote to us and reminded us that Kumber still lost the case and she was not reinstated in her job. It was a great observation and we suspect that Robert must be a lawyer or have some legal training.

    Anyhow Robert is correct again, Kumber was not reinstated.

    However, whilst important, that was not the most important point of the story. The important part of the story is that Kumber was denied the right of Appeal at her first trial. This is totally against our legal system.

    She then lobbied a number of members of Parliament to get her appeal. She eventually found Tanya Davies, member for Mulgoa, near Penrith, who supported her right to Appeal.

    Fifteen months later, they got the first victory, the right to Appeal was granted.

    On September 28th. The Appeal judgement was handed down. The Vice President dissented with her two colleagues and published her reasons why, and the references as to why. This is now the line in the sand.

    Every AWAKE lawyer will now start to quote these references as CREDIBLE research.

    Two weeks later, that is, last week, many departments in NSW received a memo stating that there was to be no discrimination when rostering vaccinated individuals and non vaccinated individuals.

    Was there a case in the Fair Work Tribunal that showed discrimination was occurring where vaccinated personnel were getting work, but unvaccinated were not?

    We do not know.

    Best regards,
    The team at hotshot Winners

    1. Thank you so much for that info Sandie and the team at hotshot Winners! This info needs to be shared with as many people as possible.

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