December 6, 2023

3 thoughts on “Discussion: CONVID, G7 Summit, vaccine saga

  1. Saw this podcast via real News Australia, but my comment disappeared, so here it is, with today’s wonderful news from Brisbane added:

    Great stuff, I feel like I am with friends, and am not alone, when I listen to these podcasts. Love Adam’s anti-quax passion, e.g. “How many people are they murdering in nursing homes?” and “Just say NO! If you get it, it’s game over.” My comment: Welcome to “The Walking Dead”.

    Andy’s brother reminded me of three old friends of mine who live in England…all have been quaxxed, having ignored my advice (in the form of my “13 reasons not to take the covid vaccine” flyer, sent to them in good time). Most of my family probably think I am a crank for the strong anti-quax stance I have taken. And then of course there is my cousin, on the Board of CSL, Aust’s biggest pHARMa, which peddles, inter alia, the AZ poison.

    Every day I have to remind myself that “our” governments, the f…… scum, are trying to kill us all with this satanic potion. You couldn’t make this garbage up…if I had used this as a plot in a story (I wrote a bit of fiction in the late 1980s) and tried to get it published, it would undoubtedly have been rejected by every publisher on the grounds of implausibility.

    Thank you for providing a focal point for knowledge, common sense, sanity, courage and resistance in a world where the satanic globalist-parasites, aided by an army of quislings, have grasped the levers of power and are trying their best to destroy the bulk of humanity.

    Breaking news from Brisbane: Dr Jeannette Young, the archetypal charlatan “health expert” responsible, with A. Stasi, for the idiotic, harmful, heartless coronahoax measures, including fake covid tests, house arrests, lockdowns, face nappies, border closures, etc, will be the next Qld Governor! OMG. I suppose this means her counterpart in Adelaide, Nicola Spurrier (“Professor Spurious”) is in line for honours too. Most TOTT News and RNA members will be aware of where I think individuals like these, who have sent Australia down the fascist path, should spend the next few years…and it’s not in a vice-regal mansion.

    1. Nicole yes :Romper Room Girl we call her: don’t touch the football : these people’s competence is questionable :
      Obviously scripted : order followers who are being allowed to control lives:
      The Event 201: forecast all of this: how does the oils, song go? Short memories!!

  2. Magnetofection: not a new thing it would seem: the science: is like many others that are just bubbling to the surface ; as is the research of Nulli – virus::this unloads your CRSPR : set: and this rabbit hole gets really big:
    of your genetic synthetic DNA: varieties: that the lab- jockeys are creating:
    there is a bevy of these fanatics: and the promises of the so called Science:

    What is interesting: about the Magnetofection: are the connections to certain personalities: does Torsten Drosten ring any bells: the company :
    Chemicell; Berlin Germany; is run by a buddy if his: his name escapes: of
    interest is at the same address:PCR: Test Kits : are manufactured: now that
    is a coincidence: Chemicell: are deeply involved in the Magnetofection:
    product: or was that science:
    Drosten is of course ; is the PCR: wunderkind: who just so happened to be
    the author of the PCR Test::parameters: in record time: which was coincidentally was adopted by the WHO:: also coincidentally was in record time: hmmm: coincidences: thanks Homer:!

    The claim is that the Magnetofection; is to create a field that will: as claim
    distribute the Synthetic Spike Protien: throughout the body:! None if the
    aforementioned is proven to be in the Vaccine:

    What is proven though is that the claims about the mRNA: Vaccines:
    being Biologically Active: this is true: and are distributed around the body;
    It is claimed in a matter of four hours:
    A Japanese Study: which was withheld: for some time: which is very disturbing: the Blood work reveal the extent of the Spike Protein in major
    organs: ovaries; spleen; liver: even the bone marrow:
    The man who pioneered the mRNA: technology Dr: Robert Malone: has
    openly stated: as there were no animal trials; the dangers of this was
    not detected: He claims that the true impact of these Vaccines: even after the initial reactions and deaths : will be felt in three to five years:

    In deference to Dr Malone: I believe: powers have cultivated the opportunity
    of this technology: to expand the potentials: of the mRNA goldmine:
    Gain of Function : in the rats nest: the Wuhan: pirates play their games:
    Fauci: Baric: Daszak: the pot parrots put on display for mass consumption:
    There is no doubt of these functionaries; and their involvement in the show:
    A weaponized virus: wow::how do you control that: easy just infect the minds : of the preprogrammed mind subjects:
    Now a weaponized Vaccine: that can be measured: genetically: modified:
    even magnetic enhancement: the key words are transfection: reverse transcriptase: and lovlies like SM102: have a look at the Cayman Chemicals
    manifest of products: This puppy gets a warning on every page :
    For Research only: not for use Clinical Use: in humans: or for Veterinary use:
    It even gets the skull and cross bones logo: isn’t that nice:: Mode- rna:
    The Pfizer: protocols are a really good read: it’s amazing what they tell you:
    The man is right: this is a technology: a very dangerous technology:!!

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