December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “Media Knew at the Time: Hitler Probably Did Not Die in the Bunker

  1. Sounds plausible to me. Too bad for the double. A good task for David Irving, to look further at this.

  2. Der Fuhrer: was: it is alleged: in a very bad way: drug dependent: depression
    is also alleged: It goes without saying his personality was such:: a man
    possessed with his perception of History: Stalin was the same but he
    was a paranoid psychopath: both had the perchant: of the ego: and charisma to carry the show: but in reality: when faced with their own demise:
    to face the World: cowered and defeated: this would never happen:
    The real story here is the legacy: of Hitler: who and how he was created;
    He was after all a creation: sanctioned and financed: not from the coffers
    of Germany: there were some very deep pockets: that financed the Nazi:

    As with the Bolsheviks: in the mass blood letting of the Russian Revolution:
    Lenin: was not a Russe; he was something else: from the same house as
    the Sabbatians: History: is loaded with these groups: as they transmute
    into the corridors of power: loyal to oaths : initiates not Country: but
    to a manifest of belief: of the enlightened:: Those who take it upon themselves: the mantel of deciding the course of humanity: for these
    the masses : will destroy the garden:!

    Since the times of the mystery schools: the esoteric: the so called chosen
    the Families: the evolution of the Triad::of Control: City if London:
    The Vat- i -can: Washington D.C. the sub stratum of the East India Company: and many others who represented the great houses of Europe:
    The expansion: lead to alliances: an evolution: the New World: and the East:
    The First World Order:

    The then Entreaties: after the first World War::secured: the vast potential:
    the vast economic gain of the Oil Wealth: of the Middle East: the invention
    of Israel: the creation of the House of Saud: as the Kingdom: protected:
    As the Ottoman Empire and the Austro- Hungarian: Empires : along with
    Czarist Russia: dissolved into History:
    The evolution of such untold wealth: brought with it : the charlatans and
    the pretenders: As with the end of the Napoleonic Empire: the rise of
    the Bankers : So from the New World: the Rockefeller: the great innovators
    Henry Ford: Bell: Tesla: and a bevy of Bankers: the Boom and Bust: the
    controlled and contrived instability: the Economic crescendo: of development: unsustainable: oh yes: it must change:
    So it was laid the foundations of change :: through conflict: and a massive
    financial treaty::this war would pay for itself: this Bankers War:
    The Yalta Conference: in the Crimea: (Argonaut) the War reparations:1945:
    Bretton Woods 1944: New Hampshire: 44 Allied Nations:
    The new financial order: The Second New World Order:

    The pattern is clear: the evolution of the World has been at a pace:
    Financial Crisis: have come and gone: but the avalanche is building ;
    as it teeters on collapse: all efforts to engage and foster major conflict
    has failed::apart from the measured surgical regime change : the long
    drawn out conflicts in Vietnam: the Balkans: Afghanistan: there is no
    appetite: for more: as it doesn’t raise a tick of interest: this born out:
    by the genocide in Yemen:
    The Silent Weapons: Wars inside minds : unrelenting programming posing
    as entertainment: social idolatry of celebrity : the destruction of standards
    Sex: Drugs: and Rock and Roll: mind control: psychological conditioning;
    Your World is now a movie set:! Roll em’:
    They have you convinced they own you through technology: Ai is invincible:
    Is it:? convince the mind of the parody: the disease is now your life:
    A dead thing owns your mind and rules through fear: and all the minions:
    in the movie: want to be rescued::
    Like always they have given you names: built a relationship to your fears:
    Virus: Contagion: retro- virus Ebola: Zika: Hiv: h1n1: pandemic:5G:
    These are the new weapons: and oh yes: some are very dangerous:
    Are those who create this are they immune:? are they not as fragile as
    we:? living in holes in the ground is no escape: it is a sentence:
    The Third New World Order: shares the same DNA: of the other
    Iterations: wealth : power control: Sustainability and all the buzz words;
    climate: are the symptoms: of the needs of those who claim dominion:

    Our Forbears: have endured the same things: for thousands of years;
    We have been told in the writings and the vast technologies they left
    behind: some of it is hidden: but it is still there all we have to do is learn
    to read it: it is in our DNA: our record of existence::junk DNA: no it is us:

    So der Fuhrer: was a success: he was hired for the job: his psychosis;
    of who and what he was ::: was known: used and cultivated: he is of the
    kind ::who are chosen:: dwell on this and think why:!
    Adolf : got what he wanted: a place in History: immortalised: in mystery:
    Infamous: and derided for his cruelty: but remembered:
    We must remember: he was Not One Man: he was many:! Those who stood
    behind him: those in the shadows: and those who benefit from the
    They walk : even now among us: they are the same as they always have
    been: all like us : The Beast:!

    1. You have tremendous knowledge of how the world “is run”, John. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  3. Ever since ‘Recorded’ Ancient ‘History’, THE games a Foot. The ‘Gamers’ threw their Collective hats into the ring. But, enter THE ‘Quickening’. On a sliding scale, during THE Ancients, a simple advancement in an article or Device [Eg; Chariot improvement, or Weapons] gave ‘Advantage’ to press forward with Conquest. THE ensuing ‘Rise’ of any 1 Group,was measured and gradual, THE ‘Stay’ @ the ‘Top’ of Control, was longer, the ‘downfall’ was Pro Rata. & So it goes along the Historic timeline Interface, each successive Group in THE Quickening [thinking ‘THEY’ have THE ‘Required Sustainable Edge’], pro rata time to rise for control quicker, Stay @ The ‘Top’, Shorter, fall from Grace – Quicker. TODAY, THE Elite Controllers, see THEIR’ Edge [Media Control, Central banking Control, Sovereign Country Government Controlled, Corporate Control] & THEY are Going for IT!
    As for young Adolph, a Very Observant Man [Check his quotes, per Civilisation & the average man in the Street]. As for THE 3Rd Reich, if THE Elite, see a NON compliant, or, Still challenging Force that still has ‘Potential or Residual’, this can be used in MultiForm as an asset. 1] Build up The Challenger, create false hope, pander to the Population, in Germany’s case, utilise it’s former National Military prowess Identity [You know it’s going to be on the Money, when The Nation is still attached to Teutonic Knights Mythology], provide some nice National Socialist Youth Uniforms for a ‘Belonging to National Unity Identity’ [Might be a Lead for Current Dropkick Australian Governments & ANZAC – Less the Swastika of Course [Maybe],
    2]Then Build up the Economy [Military Orientated of Course], a little bit of Social Engineering & Intimidation – Play the ‘Game’ and your “One of us”, otherwise your a Leper & need ‘ReEducating’ @ an appropriate Facility – We’ll call it a ‘Quarantine Facility'[Sound Familiar]. Once the ‘Rebuild'[Reset] is Complete, we’ll Push the Countries Weight around [THIS apparently is NOT Bullying! That is ONLY for Schoolyards! Inter nationally it’s called ‘Sanctioning’, Trade or otherwise.]
    3] THE behind the scene Financiers, ‘Steer’/push for Invasions of other Countries & Conflict, for Control/ resource acquisitions/ Social Experimentation!
    4]OVER Commit the Aggressors [Ie; Germany, in this case], with the knowledge of ‘Outcome’ being Inevitable = Total defeat, annihalation of Military & Civil Populations for generations to come, & Economic Ruin = WW1 – Mark 2! Challenger – TKO. [Also as an extra Bonus, culls population expansion Globally.]
    5] Leave enough residual ‘Evidence’ of Inhumanity from previous ‘Directed Social Programmes’ for Back up Inter generational Psychological & Social Controls.[Even better than ‘Original Sin’ Control.]
    6] Historical diversion of Latent Vested interest parties, Red Acted by same Historical reporting by THE Winners! Beautiful – Except for The ‘Victims’ on BOTH sides= Just Collateral damage.
    Future Diversionary Tactics – THE Escape Club Psychology. Holocaust, NAZI’s, Holocaust,NAZIs, Holocaust,Those NAZIs. – ZERO questioning of THE Official Narrative [STILL].= “YOU can’t ask that! WE ARE THE VICTIMS! WE, HAVE A HOLOCAUST CARD! Even Post Generations NOT born during that Period, HAVE PROTECTION! [Well, NOT any more Internal of Israel] from THEIR [loose Term – ‘Their’] Government under COVID.]
    Today; COVID, Social Distancing, LMFBQ whatever, Vaccine, COVID, Social Distancing, LMFB – OBEY, OBEY, Passport. Vaccine. Blah Blah Blah!
    Last; Amazing. THE Pratts ‘Mapping’ [Sic] THE Human Genome, apparantly stated that ANY genes they couldn’t Associate a given ‘Recognisable Anatomical Operational Need’, were considered ‘Junk Genes!'[Actually, I think ‘THEY’ said that that, was Most of Them! = PRATTS I SAY!] They forgot that ‘Nature’ is in every way, Smarter & more optimal, than anything associated with the current Species Homo Sapien.[Thinking Individuals Exempt – YOU, Know who you are!]
    Last/Last; According to a raft of Institutionalised Religious groups, the almighty IS [Not the U.S./U.K/Israeli/UAE sponsored Terrorist Asset], Er, that’d be the GOD Thingy, HE/IT/SHE [Perhaps GOD LMFBJQXYZ] ‘Created ALL the Heavens/Stars/Earth, to the End of Days, BUT, CAN NOT protect them [THE Believers] from a Poxey Virus [CON JOB 19 I think is it’s designate {Currently until the next 1}], SO, The Heirarchy of said religions STILL, HAVE TO WEAR A MASK! Who said THE Almighty IS, doesn’t have a sense of Humour?
    Wellness, & may your IS go with you, Hopefully providing protection whilst they install the NEW version of Control = THE 4TH Reich.

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