Media Knew at the Time: Hitler Probably Did Not Die in the Bunker

The official narrative is that Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945. However, contrary to Western history books, some believe he lived for many years after that.

Over 75 years have now passed since he reportedly shot himself in Berlin, but could closer examination suggest this may be a duplicitous deception?


Delving into a variety of historical reports, Dr T.J. Coles explores sources that suggest Hitler escaped to live out his life.
What is the other side of the coin? Photo: NHM

The accepted narrative of historians and other experts is that the Nazi dictator shot himself in the head on 30 April 1945 in his Berlin Führerbunker.

When Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan published Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler (2011, Sterling), quoting dozens of alleged eyewitnesses who claim that it was an open secret that Hitler fled to, lived, and died in Argentina, historians were not kind. 

But a review of then-contemporary newspaper articles reveals that journalists were aware at the time that the Nazis planned to fake Hitler’s death with a double. 

Archives demonstrate the enormous power of media-driven narratives that push or suppress certain agendas when it is politically expedient to do so. The same can be said of historians who tend to work by consensus, not only by evidence.

If the evidence goes against the consensus, historians tend to suppress, ignore, or challenge the evidence, not the consensus. 


The Soviets were key to defeating the Nazis. Capturing Hitler’s corpse, real or not, was a propaganda coup for the Russians whose army intelligence had every interest in convincing the world that the remains were real. 

Lev Bezymenski fought in the Battle of Berlin under Gen. Georgy Zhukov before going on to co-edit a Russian foreign affairs journal.

In 1968, Bezymenski published his book of documents and photos purporting to show Hitler’s remains. Because the body was supposedly burned, the main “evidence” to authenticate the remains are the Fuhrer’s teeth.

As if admitting they are fakes, Bezymenski writes that the corpses of Hitler and his alleged wife “are being held in [the] Counter Intelligence Section.”

Why counterintelligence as opposed to, say, army pathology? 

In 2018, media widely reported the findings of five French forensic experts who claim to have travelled to Moscow—without funding—and performed a unique analysis of Hitler’s skull and jaw.

Unusually, the authors published their report as a letter to the editor (behind a paywall). 

They allege that prior to their work “all the published studies dealing with the authenticity of the remains of Adolf Hitler were carried out without any direct access to the remains, i.e. skull and jaws.”

But their claim of originality is a sleight-of-hand because in 2009, Connecticut University archaeologists performed DNA tests of what the Russian FSB claimed is the same skull. The Connecticut team discovered that it is actually the skull of a woman. 

The French ‘evidence’ consists of speculating that the shape of the teeth was due to Hitler’s apparent vegetarianism and that the lamellar structures (enamel) ‘may be related’ to Hitler’s ulcer-produced biliary salts.

Media ignore the fact that the authors point to a lack of lead and barium and thus question the suicide-by-gunshot theory.

Astonishingly, the French researchers conclude that they cannot identify the sex of the skull or jaw and that the items may not even match: “Further DNA analyses may be useful in order to conclude on the homogeneity between the skull and jaw remains.”

In response to this non-revelation, America’s Smithsonian Magazine ran with: “Hitler’s Teeth Confirm He Died in 1945.”

In the UK, the Independent proclaimed: “…Hitler really is dead: scientific study debunks conspiracy…”


The following reports were published in the New York Times (NYT) in 1945. Some are original reports, others were pulled from the wires. 

11 April: British intelligence reported “[t]he sensational story that Adolf Hitler is dying and that Heinrich Himmler has seized power in Germany.” This appears to have been psychological warfare priming the public to to anticipate the Fuhrer’s demise.

“[D]espite the story’s auspices”—or one might note because of its auspices (i.e., British intelligence)—“cautious observers here were inclined to wait and see.”

14 April: The Papal Nunciature (a diplomat of the Catholic Church) reportedly “received a confidential note saying that Adolf Hitler had consulted with his High Command and decided to ask Pope Pius XII to arrange details for the surrender of Germany.”

Pius XII was known as Hitler’s Pope because of his apparent pro-Nazi leanings, but secretly Pius aided the resistance. There is no historical record of Hitler sending Pius details of surrender. This suggests that the claims were more psy-ops. 

18 April: The narrative shifted slightly from Hitler surrendering Germany to Hitler personally resisting to the death. It was reported that “Hitler has decided to fight it out on the present battle lines even if it takes all the time and resources he has left. In these circumstances the Battle of Berlin may prove to be the last big battle of this war.” 

26 April: In Stockholm, Sweden, an entity about which little historical evidence exists, called the Free German Press Service, reported “that a carefully coached former grocer resembling Adolf Hitler had been sent to Berlin in the Fuehrer’s place ‘to die on the barricades’.

So, media were aware at the time that Hitler’s purported death was likely fake.

This nugget vanished into the mists of history. 


1 May: The Associated Press Bureau Chief in Berlin, Louis P. Lochner, said that he “listened to the shortwave broadcast” of Hitler’s successor, Admiral Karl Doenitz, “as the new Fuehrer of Germany.”

Lochner said: “I still find it difficult to believe that Hitler is really dead or that he remained in Berlin during the Russian assault.” 

2 May: The NYT reported that Hitler had been killed by the Soviets. “The German radio announces that Adolf Hitler fell yesterday afternoon in his command post at the Reich Chancellery in flaming Berlin, ‘fighting to his last breath against bolshevism’.”

Also on 2 May: The NYT said that “[t]he report that Adolf Hitler was dead fell flat here in the heart of the country he ruled so long. A good many Germans do not believe it and others do not seem to care much.”

On the same day, elements of the Soviet propaganda machine questioned the validity of reports concerning Hitler’s death: “the German radio statement evidently represents a new Fascist trick.”

May 3: It was reported that the chief assistant of Hitler’s propagandist Joseph Goebbels reported that both men had committed suicide. The announcement “was given to the world early today by Red Army forces.”

Hardly a credible source, given that they kept Hitler’s alleged remains in their counterintelligence unit. 

On the same day, the NYT reported uncertainty over the claims: “Soviet security troops and military police hunted hard through the wreckage of Berlin today for wanted war criminals and sought to check and double check the whereabouts of Adolf Hitler’s body.”


The burning of Hitler’s body was supposedly undertaken to honour his will, signed a day before his alleged suicide and discovered by British counterintelligence (again) via a German informant who led them to a Nazi official called Heinz Lorenz. 

Lorenz was already under arrest for possessing false documents. He told his Anglo-American captors how he allegedly came upon Hitler’s papers “[a]fter a long process of interrogation.”

Evidence obtained under torture is inadmissible for obvious reasons. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation was tasked with determining their origins, but never authenticated the documents. 

In light of the above, perhaps Williams and Dunstan’s book doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all? 

Dr. T.J. Coles is the author of several books, including — The War on You
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6 comments on “Media Knew at the Time: Hitler Probably Did Not Die in the Bunker”

  1. Sounds plausible to me. Too bad for the double. A good task for David Irving, to look further at this.

  2. Der Fuhrer: was: it is alleged: in a very bad way: drug dependent: depression
    is also alleged: It goes without saying his personality was such:: a man
    possessed with his perception of History: Stalin was the same but he
    was a paranoid psychopath: both had the perchant: of the ego: and charisma to carry the show: but in reality: when faced with their own demise:
    to face the World: cowered and defeated: this would never happen:
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    As with the Bolsheviks: in the mass blood letting of the Russian Revolution:
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    1. You have tremendous knowledge of how the world “is run”, John. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  3. Ever since ‘Recorded’ Ancient ‘History’, THE games a Foot. The ‘Gamers’ threw their Collective hats into the ring. But, enter THE ‘Quickening’. On a sliding scale, during THE Ancients, a simple advancement in an article or Device [Eg; Chariot improvement, or Weapons] gave ‘Advantage’ to press forward with Conquest. THE ensuing ‘Rise’ of any 1 Group,was measured and gradual, THE ‘Stay’ @ the ‘Top’ of Control, was longer, the ‘downfall’ was Pro Rata. & So it goes along the Historic timeline Interface, each successive Group in THE Quickening [thinking ‘THEY’ have THE ‘Required Sustainable Edge’], pro rata time to rise for control quicker, Stay @ The ‘Top’, Shorter, fall from Grace – Quicker. TODAY, THE Elite Controllers, see THEIR’ Edge [Media Control, Central banking Control, Sovereign Country Government Controlled, Corporate Control] & THEY are Going for IT!
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