December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “Deep State Fingerprints: What Really Happened at the Capitol?

    1. As with ‘ALL EVENTS’ There is NO such thing as COINCIDENCES! This is borne out via previous Events past off as ‘History’, allied to THE ‘State’ & It’s, SORRY, THE Agencies, having ‘Similar Field Exercises for SAME Scenarios’ on ‘EXACTLY THE SAME DAY! – Coincidence! May be helpful for Folks to Back check [As long as Social Media Platforms A.I. hasn’t ‘Wiped it’] Some of the Multiple Events ‘Covered By MSM’. Check subtle things such as ‘Time of Day’ relative to ‘Light Issues’/ Windage/Public profiles – Busy or ‘Quiet’/ Location of ‘Agencies Assets’ Etc.Lot of File footage used for Current & ‘Historical Effect’, NOT Local to,,Or, Time Relevent! Afghanistan/Iraq/Syria ‘Coverage by EMBEDDED MSM’ should have taught people this!
      Wellness to ALL.

      1. Cheers, John. Indeed we live in a realm where ‘coincidences’ do not exist, rather it is all part of the bigger code and script!

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