November 29, 2023

5 thoughts on “Calls for Greg Hunt to release his medical records

  1. Here I am in Brisbane for a few days. Let’s see if Anna Stasi can force Brisbane into house arrest while I am here over a “covid case” which isn’t. Wherever I go I hand out my “13 reasons not to take the covax”. I guess this makes me a “super spreader”…of truth. How else can I get my message out, other than commenting on TOTT News and Cory Bernardi Confidential? I am not on Facebook, Twitter, etc and don’t even have a “smart phone”. Editors won’t publish my letters. I look forward to the Freedom Rally on Sat 20th, this time in Brisbane rather than Adelaide. So I won’t be carrying my “Bill vaxxed me to save the planet” with skull and crossed syringes placard, but what the heck…there will be plenty of other good ones there…unless A Stasi shuts it down.

    Yes, come clean Greg Hunt…and Kim Jong Dandrews, who lost his balance soon after his covax. But “nothing to see here” according to his office…

    1. Good on you for trying to spread the truth. However, I suspect that commenting here and on other similar sites only speaks to the converted. Which is what I do. Sometimes I send email around and get that knowing look when I meet my friends some time thereafter. I think people are either in the know and open to new info or they are not … and never will be.

      I wonder what Hunt and Andrews are thinking right now, deep down.

      1. And good on you, Veri Tas. Your name says it all: you speak truth. What more can we do?

  2. Yes interesting timing for this so called covid case just before the International Freedom Rally Day on the 20th. I seem to recall Andrews doing the whole lockdown shitshow just before protest marches a couple of times in Victoria. They all follow the same directive from this cabal so time will tell.

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