Authorities warn ‘conspiracies’ risk national security

Both government and ASIO officials have raised concerns over a developing national security threat, which they say has ‘risen through the spread of conspiracies online’.

According to new information uncovered, authorities claim ‘conspiracy theorists’ have exploited the coronavirus and summer bushfires to split the community like ‘extremists’.


NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services, David Elliott.
Photo: AAP


It seems as if authorities have had enough of those pesky ‘conspiracy theorists’ spreading unsubstantiated claims online and ignoring official health directives.

Hang on a second.. that’s me!

Government officials are claiming the present climate has become fertile ground for extremists, following dramatic scenes of arrests at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne on the weekend.

Indeed, you would have already heard these types of claims a number of times in recent weeks. Police commissioners calling protesters ‘tin foil hat crazies’ and more. You know the deal.

However, it seems now that things may be shifting to a more aggressive approach.

David Elliott, NSW Police and Emergency Services Minister, has announced this week that contingencies to address risks of conspiracy theories being used to disrupt social cohesion were “front of mind”:

“The world that we live in at the moment has people using every opportunity available to them to undermine civilised society.

We certainly have discussed with our intelligence agencies the cause of virtually every natural disaster. I know people get on the internet outside the academic sphere that provides us with advice on these things and put forward conspiracy theories that are just there to cause havoc in the community and to split the community.

The comments follow very interesting remarks to come out at the start of the month, in which a spokesperson for ASIO said it was aware of extremists seeking to exploit the circumstances and uncertainties of the COVID-19 environment. 

The spokesperson said extreme right-wing groups and individuals willing to engage in acts of violence to achieve political objectives represented a serious, increasing and evolving threat to security.

These developments are extremely telling and confirm prior calls we have raised on this website, particularly regarding how free thinkers will soon be targeted for their dissent.

Are you thinking something different to the official narrative on your screen? Want to voice your concerns about what you have found? It seems very soon that you will be engaging in a terrorist activity by doing so. You can’t make this stuff up.  

The emerging Brave New World Order system must have no intellectual opposition to thrive.


To understand why these announcements are important, it’s important to remind readers of the context in which these positions have been developing. It has been very quickly, behind the scenes.

Let’s not forget: In a June address to the National Security College, Foreign Minister Marise Payne said international institutions like the World Health Organisation must be “bulwarks against disinformation”, which has been spread widely during the coronavirus ‘crisis’.

Payne also warned of an “info-demic” of online misinformation — a term used frequently in recent months — and said it was troubling that some were “using the pandemic to undermine liberal democracy and promote their own, more authoritarian models”.

Importantly, hidden in the address, she noted that Australia had recently been the victim of ‘disinformation campaigns’, including conspiracies ‘spread by bots’ during the bushfires ‘crisis’.

Shortly after, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade announced it would establish a new taskforce to counter “online disinformation campaigns”, clamping down on social media activities.

This came just as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) handed down a report naming bushfire and COVID-19 ‘conspiracies’ as a main source of disinformation.

In their June paper, Misinformation and news quality on digital platforms in Australia, ACMA states:

“The bushfires saw instances of false and misleading information about the cause of the fires, the use of old images purporting to be of current events and conspiracy theories such as the fires having been purposely lit to make way for a Sydney to Melbourne train line.

They have also stated that ‘tactics’ used during the bushfire saga have now transitioned in a similar fashion to COVID-19 conspiracies floating around the web:

“False and misleading information about the pandemic — such as how to prevent exposure, possible treatments, and the origins of the virus — have been shown to have real-world consequences, including personal illness and damage to property. 

Recent Australian research found that nearly two-thirds (66 per cent) of people say they have encountered misinformation about COVID-19 on social media.”

Remember, ACMA recommendations are used to influence and help develop future government policies on communications. What does this tell you? Now authorities are backing this claim.

There it is, ladies and gentlemen. Right before your eyes.

From a vision, to reality. It may not be long before these parasites officially declare the new-age terrorists of Australia in the open. Sadly, these ‘terrorists’ will be patriots of this nation. 

The only thing that is left from here is to develop some sort of system to enforce these new draconian statements. Perhaps we are already seeing this underway in Melbourne.


Interestingly, the Victorian government is right now pushing through a bill that would allow them to detain “high-risk” coronavirus spreaders.

The powers would be applied to those who health authorities believe would negligently spread the deadly virus, as Victoria ‘works to bring its coronavirus outbreak under control’.

The powers will be debated in state parliament this week under the Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill. Health authorities would have the power to pinpoint those refusing to self-isolate.

Those caught flouting self-isolation directions would be forcibly detained in places where they are able to be monitored, like hotels.

Continuing on from earlier points, should it come as any surprise which group of people are listed as some of the most dangerous in this area?

The Age reports that the proposed rules could also be applied to conspiracy theorists along with those affected by drugs or mental impairments if they do not have the capacity to self-isolate:

The rules, confirmed to The Age by a state government spokesman, could be applied to conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture here, folks?

Parliament will also consider changes that allow ‘WorkSafe’ inspectors and protective services officers to enforce public health directions. What on earth?

Very interesting scenes unfolding in Australia right now. One can turn a blind eye to what is happening, or they can look at the information with critical discernment and see the agenda at play.

Free thinkers are enemy number 1 of the state — they have been for a long time. As this mass psychological operation continues, the justification has been given to finally stamp these ‘undesirables’ out before they become too much of threat.

Where do you think this path leads? What will happen when the vaccine comes out and a large portion of ‘extremists’ refuse to take it? You put two and two together.

Weak individuals have sold you and your family to The Beast. The picture is crystal clear.

The only question now is: Will they succeed in their endeavours?

Stay vigilant and make sure you keep connected to this website.


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16 comments on “Authorities warn ‘conspiracies’ risk national security”

  1. Oh no! People are talking & figuring out govts have been about themselves controlling the people. Too late, eyes & ears are opening everywhere every day & the gravy train of politics is coming to a screeching halt. People started waking with “terra nullius” & everyone is now shaking their heads & realizing the govt has never been about the people, it’s always been about the govt keeping the people blinded, powerless & controlled.

  2. If they can label you as they see fit in order to stamp out information and actions that go against their agenda, then the goalposts for the criteria of being an “undesirable” will widen. They could easily round up those even guilty by association just to perpetuate the fear of what could happen if you think that 2+2 does not equal 5.

  3. Have they thought about the mis-information the MSMedia gives us, they are the real Conspiracy Theorist.
    Thank God President Trump is addressing any of the basic theories going around in social media as ” Fact ” … At last it’s come to the news especially about Obama’s huge spending for the enemy, it wasn’t a con theory, Trump has now told the world publically .
    Info about the Swamp people was truth, the lives of the Bill Gates family history is all tied up in Eugenics that’s truth as his family history tells us, we know Eugenics is murder but the MSMedia now make out Eugenics is a positive, then why should all the people who complain about over population……… they should never complain about the China Virus.
    We know the Virus came from Wuhan China as Wuhan was one of the first to close it’s borders, well after half the Wuhan population fled from there, right at the beginning, enabling the virus to spread throughout the world.
    China the biggest believer in Eugenics, & that’s not a theory, that’s fact throughout history.

  4. You know if there wasn’t organized oppression then there woundn’t be organized resistance and what they call terrorism would not exist!

  5. Thank you Ethan. Excellent article as usual. All I can say is that what has been prophesied is accomplishing itself right in front of my eyes. We are marching towards the fulfillment of the greater agenda. This is just the beginning.

    Here is how I see it playing out. I, for one, do not believe that Trump will make any difference or Scomo for that matter. Both Trump ( the right ) and Biden ( the left ) likewise Scomo ( the right ) and Comrade Dan ( the left ) and likewise with the other leaders of the world, are sitting at the same table playing the same game. They are playing good-cop, bad-cop and have already picked who is the good cop and who is the bad cop. This is the Hegelian dialectic at its best.

    The left is the thesis with its strong secular views and the right is the anti-thesis with its strong evangelical protestantism views. Together they are playing the game to bring in the synthesis, which is the fusion of the State and Church, which JFK rejected when he was in power stating “I believe in an America when the separation and church and state is absolute” and for which he was assasinated, on a world-wide scale, with the support of the USA. Once the fusion is done, then the true time of trouble as there never was, will start.

    What is the purpose one can ask? The purpose is to elevate their master, the beast, so that the Dragon, the beast and the false prophet can form a three-fold union and create an image to the beast. The martial laws that Victoria is currently being placed under, is but a mere rehearsal for the true martial laws to come very soon when everything is fully in place. They need to know who they can trust and what area of control they need to address and tighten up. All has carefully been planned for centuries.

    The SCN and cashless society as well as AI and transhumanism, is nothing but secularism ( which is the card of the left ). If one believes that they were not created but evolved, then one believes that they can enhance life and humanity and what best but technology to do that to reach transcendence and be like God and this has to be enforced on humanity by any means with draconian laws and edicts. But that agenda also matches the agenda of the right of enforcing laws and strict regulations and control. So the game is exactly the same.

    As to the right, which believes in God and creation( protestantism ), their game plan is to “Return to God” via ecumenism and spitirualism/ spiritism and joining hands with the Papacy, breaking down the barriers and getting rid of “The protest” that created Protestantism which was against the Papacy and therefore becoming apostate protestantism ( the false prophet ). The right is currently portrayed as anti-left and anti-oppression but interestingly the draconian laws passed are not being repealed by the right except to say that God will save you from the oppression of the left. Very clever game indeed! The agenda of oppression and draconian laws and dictatorship is the same for the right but for different reasons and all is being put in place for the real agenda.

    This is partly the reason for the message by Spiritualist and Jewish rabbi Jonathan Cahn on youtube ( and their website ) entitled “The Return” which is meant to make people return to God between September 18-28 with a worldwide day of prayer on the 26th in Washington to “repent” and avoid further “wrath of God” as he puts it ( COVID-19 being he states one of the wrath of GOD ). Again this is under the false pretense of Christianity since their meaning of repentance and revival is unblibical in many ways and COVID-19 is also not the wrath of GOD.

    Because of the planned severe Oppression of secularism ( the left ) most of the world will be pushed towards and even demand the agenda of the right, for the final synthesis. However, the oppression to come will be even worst under the right ( specially if one is part of a very particular group ), now controlled worldwide by the Union of the Church and the State. This is nothing but a Spritual battle and not a battle against flesh and blood. Unless one understands what the ongoing spiritual battle is about, one will not really see where this is really going and the end, for spiritual things are spiritually discerned. However for when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

    Some might think this is just too much of a fairy tale to be true and I am mental. Well, here is the thing, if it is indeed a fairy tale, then I am wrong and I am the fool, I accept it, go to a psychiatic ward in a mental hospital for treatment and all goes back to normal with shouts of “he was mentally sick indeed”. But what if I am right?

    1. You are sooooo right,awake and aware…this is a huge spiritual battle that even “ christians “ can’t see,apart from the wise virgins..

  6. Unbelievable! Only the experts and scientists who support the governments narrative are to be listened to. Everyone else despite their qualifications and experience is a dangerous conspiracy theorist. Orwellian doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  7. Really when you think about the options on how to oppose the tyranny that’s upon us, the only way i see is to form a religon , in this way the government are not allowed to discriminate against you .

    Social media is a curse , the less you identify with so called right wing conspiracy theorists online the less you’re likely to trigger an investigation, think of Facebook like china’s social credits system , they are watching just about everything you post online.

    i wish avi yemini well.

    My own experience was when the RFS heirachy deliberately burnt Balmoral village out last xmas , im not a conspiracy theorist , i want justice

    to oppose the tyranny of the new world order it must be done undercover if there is such a way.

  8. Thank you for waking more people up to your malignant agendas…. keep putting more of this propaganda out… please.

    1. I doubt it will be a malignant agenda when it comes down hard on you like a ton of brick that you never expected. Let me ask you a question? Did you expect them, to come down hard with the covid plandemic health crisis? I will bet $30Million you did not.

      Yet Fauci stated in 2017 that Trump would have to deal with pandemic? How did he know? He is not god and neither is he a prophet. The simple answer, right under your nose is that they PLANNED it. Where were you then? Asleep it seems or busy labeling everyone as a conspiracy theorist or as peddling propaganda. I do feel so sorry for you as you have been very deceived and you cannot see further than the tip of your nose. So sad!

  9. Well I hope it goes both ways, like someone else already commented, the MSM have been busted time and again like using the fake footage of Italian Hospitals ( which turned out to be a medical training school with dummies) which were supposedly over run. They used it both in Italy, US and here on channel 7 news for Melbourne.

    So that is deliberately misleading the public on a false narrative and needs to be called out with all the other BS these media agencies are complicit in crying wolf. The push this fear and now they are scared of the repercussions.

    Ive got a conspiracy for you ASIO – theres no Queen of Australia and Scomo has sworn in to the Manager-sty of Australia and I looked it up it doesn’t exist either so your term in office is a conspiracy on Australia people and constitutional law..bring it on.

    Eye for an eye.

  10. Another good post, Ethan. I’m another unabashed “thought criminal”. Freedom has to be fought for over and over again in history. Now is such a time. 2020 has provided clarity, revealing the MSM (“prolefeed” in “1984”) and our own governments (in particular “Departments of Health”, very Orwellian, controlled as they are by evil Big Pharma/Gates) as quislings, owned by the execrable “Money Power”.

  11. This website is the best thing that I have found in Australia. I am quite impressed! I may have to give you a better email contact for me and subscribe.

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