September 27, 2023

2 thoughts on “Smart meters to receive $2.7 million subsidy

  1. MAYBE the U.S. Corporation – COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, Could put S.M.A.R.T ‘Meters’ on it’s Extensive ‘FOREIGN’ ADF WAR MACHINE, to see how ‘EnvironMENTALLY’ it IS ‘Efficient & SUSS-Atainability’! – In League with the 17 U.N/WEF SDGs (Synthetic Diversionary Goals – Er Gaols). – Yeah I know, IT, the ‘MeterRING’, wouldn’t make it pass the Variable ‘Think Tanks’ operational in Southern PNG! Apologies dear folks, that IS, the Not for Profit, ‘Think Tanks’ like the Lowy Institute!
    Last; I ‘Like’ the Term ‘Subsidy’. Without ‘Subsidies’, ALL of the ‘Efficient/ Alternate’ (NOT) Tech, Couldn’t even Provide said ‘Options’ – Especially CON NEO ‘Energies & Quack Sciences’ – even AFTER ‘Operations begin’! Where ARE the Enviros & Greens on MEGA ‘Resources & TOXIC Pollutants’ to Manufacture/ Install/ Maintain & NON Recycleabilities on these Wunderbar ‘OPTIONS” ????
    & are said ‘Meters’ SAFE & EFFECTIVE – aka- Don’t catch fire, as ‘Units’ in the USer State of America DO?
    Wellness – The Buffoonary CONtinues, apparently from ‘Intelligent people’! Move over Jester, Competent Idiocracy this way comes, & they’re brandishing THE ‘Science’!! LOL.

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