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For the past 2 years, TOTT News has dedicated itself to bringing the people of Australia hard-hitting, investigative news, by bringing to light questions that are rarely ever touched by the controlled, corporate mainstream media. Throughout our journey so far, we have confronted some of the most controversial issues across our great nation and have attempted to bring the most important, alternative topics to the front line of Australian news.

The past few months have been a time of great transformation for TOTT News. As interest grows in the work that we do, so does the challenge of stepping our game up to truly be the voice of the people in this time of great deceit. With that being said, I am proud to welcome you to the new look TOTT News website, and would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the new features that will follow this change!

We are looking to make this website much more active than it has been since it’s inception, making this website a trusted, ‘must visit’ place to get all of your real Australian news. Of course, it is not fully completed yet but here are some of the ways we are looking to improve the website in to the future:

  • Much more frequent exclusive reports
  • A greater diversity of topics
  • Multimedia such as photos, videos, etc. (More on this in the near future).
  • Promotion of events/protests across the nation
  • Positivity posts (Coming soon)

We also acknowledge that the control structure throughout mainstream media in Australia is not as great as in the United States. TOTT News understands that there is still SOME journalists out there that do their job respectively. However, such posts are often buried throughout the backs of news websites and very rarely see the light of day, and we would like to change this by introducing the “TOTT Spotlight” initiative!

Along with cutting edge exclusive reports, we will also have a “Spotlight” section on the home page, that will showcase some of the best hidden articles across Australian media platforms. I believe this will be a very successful initiative to highlight even more topics that need to be addressed.

Currently, TOTT News is most active on our Facebook page, and we would like to gradually migrate some traffic to this website, and update both frequently and efficiently. To do this, however, we need YOUR support!

Our supporters have been amazing so far, and we encourage you to stick with us as we continue to intensify our work!

Please click the “Follow” button located on the right hand side of our homepage to receive each new post directly in to your inbox, and if you haven’t already, please support us by spreading the word and following us on social networks, etc.

We have some big things happening in the future, and our new website is the first step to achieving this. We are dedicated more than ever to continue to fight for liberty, transparency, truth and freedom, and with your help, we can take this to unprecedented heights!

Thank you to absolutely everyone so far. This is just the beginning for TOTT News!


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