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Discussion: The Dark Side of Disney and Hollywood

Of all Disney’s secrets, none is perhaps as dark and troubling as the growing number of active pedophiles in and around the ‘Magic Kingdom’.

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia discuss new research by independent journalists that once again blows the lid on criminal activities at Disney, Hollywood corruption and more.

Poison Touch: An Analysis of Danger

In the modern world, feelings of limitless horizons are opening up the visions of alternative thinkers to unprecedented heights, while emotions of being simultaneously more powerful and more helpless than ever before grow in the face of uncertain dangers.

In the following membership piece, we take an objectivist look at the effects of stress on risk recognition, causes of concern in the ‘truth’ movement, cognitive dissonance and an examination of the precautionary principle.

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Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?

Links between bushfires and high-speed rail proposals exposed.

Rebirth: Critical Thinking and Understanding

It takes courage and self-honesty to walk the road to truth and freedom, and weakened by an onslaught of programming since childhood, many are unable to discern objective reality from manufactured fables.

In the following membership piece, we take a look at all aspects of the process of awakening, including the flow of information, steps to enlightenment, simulated reality, critical thinking skills and an in-depth look at applying objectivist logic to the Fossil Fuel/Dinosaur Hoax.

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The Social Engineering of Australia

The rise of cultural marxism during the era of ‘counter-culture’ sought to apply critical theory to matters of family composition, gender, race and cultural identity within Western society, giving birth to various movements that seek to re-define objective reality.

In the following video, we explore various programs introduced by the cultural marxist lobby in schools across Australian society.