No confidence: Thousands march against the Abbott government in Brisbane


1904150_3976056417413_269735971_nPhoto: Protesters as far as the eye can see today in Brisbane
via March in March social media

Around 13,000 protesters have rallied in Brisbane today against the Abbott government, in one of the biggest protests to hit the state in many years. A sea of passionate people flooded through the streets of Brisbane, expressing the notion that they are fed up with the current Prime Minister and his policies.

The ‘March in March’ national protests stormed the country today – with 28 respective cities and regions following suite from yesterday’s strong beginnings – with 110,000 in total by the end of the day (not including Canberra). Promoters have labeled the demonstrations a major success, despite the lack of promotion or coverage from the mainstream establishment.

In Brisbane, many civil liberties groups, political affiliates and concerned citizen networks stood together – despite many ideological differences – to voice there opposition to a number of Abbott and Newman policies. Such groups had a non-partisan approach, but were united in defiance of the Liberal Party. ***

Some of the topics addressed included: Refugees, the Great Barrier Reef, Climate Change, Internet privacy, the newly introduced VLAD laws, Education cuts, Medicare attacks, media control, asset sales and many many more.

An estimated 20-minute wait was needed to see the march from start to finish, as thousands began chanting, cheering, and bullhorning under the hot Brisbane sun – making a quick stop at Queensland Parliament House on the way to send current Premier, Campbell Newman a strong message of no confidence.

Special guests at the event included Greens Senator Larissa Waters and Queensland Labor frontbencher MP Jo-Ann Miller. There were also a number of speakers and performers beforehand and following the conclusion of the rally.

Event organiser Matt Donovan spoke to the crowd to denounce both Abbott and Newman policies, and received significant support from the crowd to begin proceedings in Queens Park.

“No matter how many times you parrot that lie, we will keep reminding you,” he told the crowd.

“I know many of you protesters are here, in fact, to protest the arrogant, despotic, far-right, authoritarian, self-serving, bully-boy government and the police state he has created,” Mr Donovan said in relation to Campbell Newman.

Many other supporters expressed their support online, including the man responsible for the now-viral ‘Welcome to WA’ parliamentary video addressed to Tony Abbott, Senator Scott Ludlam. In a statement he said:

“Today thousands of Australians have stood up and made a statement: yes to strong climate action, education funding, digital privacy & compassion for our most vulnerable. ”

“Today is the day we fight back – in the Parliament, on the internet, and in our communities. Enough is enough.

10001135_10152299912119470_1682182422_oPhoto: A collauge of national locations
via Senator Scott Ludlam

In response to the ‘March in March’ nation-wide demonstrations, Tony Abbott responded during a press conference today with NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell for a the Sydney’s NorthConnex tunnel:

“My understanding is that the only big rally in Sydney is the St Patrick’s Day parade,” Mr Abbott said.

“That is the big event in Sydney today. I wish all of them well.”

Below are a couple of shots from the demonstration:

Bi0cNIPCEAAl2JQvia @changethetide on Twitter

Bi0ZswgCQAA7VnH.jpg large
Photo: Leaving Parliament House
via @JanB_QLD on Twitter

via March in March social media

Canberra is set to March tomorrow, March 17th and organisers are confident that the nation’s capital will not disappoint in living up to the standard left by predecessor cities around the country.

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Note: 13,000 is a confirmed number from many sources, including the organisers at one point. However, some do believe there may have been upwards of 18 – 20,000 people present during the march.

*** Although marching against the Abbott government, by no means was this event an endorsement of the Labor Party or any other political affiliates/ideologies/policies. The general reception was that any political party enforcing such policies would also be opposed by the Brisbane public.


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  1. Here is a fact being hidden by mainstream media – GLOBAL WARMING ENDED 17 YEARS AGO (UK Met. Office is the source). When the pro-global government machine realised this was bound to come out, they quickly changed it to CLIMATE CHANGE because the climate is always changing – hourly, daily weekly monthly, annually, and so on. Press censorship is used to suppress this info. No one who writes in can get their comments printed in the mainstream media unless it complies with the official line.

  2. Your Statement is correct
    Anenome Ofglobalgov

    Remember the Globalist Elite are using the ‘Green Shield’ to trick the General Public into losing all their jobs ie Through Loss of Industry and high energy costs.

    Eventually you will become dependent on Government. This is the New World Order’s Plan through Agenda 21, Do your homework Ppl

    Don’t get Fooled again! – Mick Raven

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