October 1, 2023

4 thoughts on “No confidence: Thousands march against the Abbott government in Brisbane

  1. Here is a fact being hidden by mainstream media – GLOBAL WARMING ENDED 17 YEARS AGO (UK Met. Office is the source). When the pro-global government machine realised this was bound to come out, they quickly changed it to CLIMATE CHANGE because the climate is always changing – hourly, daily weekly monthly, annually, and so on. Press censorship is used to suppress this info. No one who writes in can get their comments printed in the mainstream media unless it complies with the official line.

  2. Your Statement is correct
    Anenome Ofglobalgov

    Remember the Globalist Elite are using the ‘Green Shield’ to trick the General Public into losing all their jobs ie Through Loss of Industry and high energy costs.

    Eventually you will become dependent on Government. This is the New World Order’s Plan through Agenda 21, Do your homework Ppl

    Don’t get Fooled again! – Mick Raven

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