September 27, 2023

4 thoughts on “Australia’s largest fertiliser manufacturer nearing foreign sale

  1. Who are the Australian “peoples Representatives” ?? That are happily signing off on this madness? Can TottNews give us a list of who are responsible…. and does anyone have an idea what is / was their “benefit”? Bank customers are grilled for Time Deposits under $50,000 FOR Money Laundering reasons>>> BUT it is known that many of our Politicians have multiple RE properties,.. and “investments” Are they excluded from this kind of investigation… or are their funds somewhere off shore>>>?? Somehow it is frightening but also very sad to see what is happening.. and many people are asking WHY are our Pollies taking instructions from Overseas billionaires,. on most subjects,. incl our health, our independence, and everything in-between,.. MUST stop ….. must not comply…. more people need to stand up and say NO MORE….!!

  2. When the crunch comes, our “peak bodies”, such as the National Farmers Federation, usually roll over and support the sell-off to foreigners because they are corrupted by the global-parasites (and the NFF even believes in the global warming/climate change/CO2 is bad bs). This sell-off of Australian fertiliser companies to foreign outfits goes back a long way. In the mid-1960s, “Cresco Fertilisers” (Cresco = “I grow” in Latin), which was built up and run by my grandfather during the 1930s/40s/50s, was bought by Grace, a Canadian chemical company.

  3. Fertiliser Plant/ Business for sale = WHY, don’t THE OZ FARMERS form a Conglomerate, & purchase the Company? THEN, They could open an Office ANYWHERE offshore, & get the Appropriate Taxation reliefs GIVEN to Foreign corporations!!
    It SEEMS, that CONsecutive Govts, or the 2.5er Party ONLY System, keep on going to the COMMON-WEALTH Cupboard to see WHAT ELSE, they can COLLECTIVELY ‘Flog Off’- ‘Legal’ OR NOT, for some Quick ‘COIN’! – Several things; A) WHAT are they going to Sell, once it’s a Vacuous ‘Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard’
    [ AND, They CAN’T sell off a CONmodity they have ALREADY SOLD – Aka – THE OZ Population]. B) THEY, starting with the Prime Minstrel – Mr Albino ForeverBendDaKneeSee & the other Sub TerrAniaLans [local network] species of Morlocks= The ‘Individual'[LOL], State NecroPremiers Plus their APPropriate ‘Treasurers’ – Including Mr James ‘Isn’t he A’ Chalmer, ARE ‘Employed’, BY ‘WE the United Peoples of Australia’ AS, ‘Management’- Probably add in the Dodgy Abacus [ With a flat battery] Toting RBA crew [ Rubbery Banking of Australia – NON ‘Reserve’]!
    Time & Time again – On record, ‘THEY’ have ‘Shown’ that they COULDN’T manage a Kindergarten Tuck Shop – THEIR JOB – Not the Tuckshop – TOO COMPLEX!
    When a Nude, Blind, Dyslexic Echidna, NOT versed in the SWINDLE EcoGnomics game, COULD do a Far better ‘Job’, WHY AM I/ WE , CONTINUALLY ‘PAYING THEM’?? AND, with Far fewer ‘Pricks’ involved!! = I WANT ‘OUR’ MONEY BACK! – Plus the Wage Increases/ GENEROUS Superannuations & Gold cards – THE LOT!
    AND C) THE Govt, SOO ‘Keen’ to have Multi Foreign ‘Probes’ [ E.Ts Excluded] inserted into The ‘ProctoloGists Zone’ of ALL Prime Minstrels [ Thank God for ALL of that Rectal extensions BEFORE taking ‘Orifice’/ office], You’d think that ONE of Them, would go – ‘SHIT! I’m tired of this Dam Crap [Yes – ‘Dam’- with All of that ForeArm work, it’s hard to be ‘Regular’ in more ways than 1- Political doublespeak & CONsistent Reasoning/ answerAble abilities! ], I’ll just take a leaf out of The USers of A’s ‘CURrency Printing Program!
    “HEY! They – THE U.S. have ‘Printed’ U.S. $ 6,000,000,000,000 PLUS, to ADD to their UNPAYABLE Economic Woes over CONVID, & the Australian $ Went DOWN! – HOORAH! = SOLUTION, And My P.M. Arse feels BETTER!”
    Meanwhile Back in CAN’TBERRA;
    Prime Minstrel Forever BendDa, visits THE 1 A.C.T play Financial cupboard;
    P.M.; “SHIT! Hey Chalmsa, This Cupboards a bit light on! & there was a Vacuum, when I opened the door!”
    Aide; “That’d be, because it’s THE refrigerator Sir!”
    P.M. ; “Cripes, WHO are you? ”
    Aide; ” My name is Jeeves Sir, & I have a habit of showing up – Fortunately, in Scripts requiring Balanced Support to Total Cretins, & Deus ego individuals CONtrolled by StoneWorking groups – or groups underDressed. ApolloGies your vacuumness, that should be ‘Under Duress’. Is there a reason that your lower garb, appears to be M.I.A., or, by observancy – I must regret apologies again My Minstrel! Observancy, WOULD mean that YOU, Would, recognise COMPLIANCE with THE Laws, Customs & ‘ACTs’ of the Land, ‘Play’ or Not! Therefore, let me re – vocabulate, & before that Sir, Could you please close the fridge, before The ECO-CON Police send us a Drone, informing Me/Us/Ewe, that you’ve DEEPEND the CO2 Levels UP to 0.0408 of 1% Total earth’s atmosphere! & your cheeks appear to be ‘Blueing’! – May help with DEWs attack Sir, but only if your closer to the East OZtopian Coast, California or Maui.
    if I may enquire, IS, your lower Attire, missing due to some ‘Foreign Representation’ or ‘Over/ UnderReach’ my Minstrel? Or, is this your usual Oratory Zone your Vagueness? Might I suggest some New attire, Holey reminiscent of CONVIDs gone by? Perhaps an Avante- Garde Crotchless Armani 3 piece, in the Vein of The Quasi OZ emperor, ‘Has NO Crotch’ – Should Do the trick! And NO ONE would notice another Minstrel in the 1 A.C.T Clown House Sir!”
    P.M.; “DO YOU THINK THAT’D ‘WORK’,- Jeeves? ”
    Jeeves; “WHICH part Your Neural flyscreen-Ness? Sir! The Country IS being Sold out under OUR Collective Generic ReeBox [ NOT the Neo RAAF BudJet Cardboard Drone], BY YOU, & WITH, TOTAL SUPPORT by the other 2,5 ers! – What Crotchless? I’ve also noticed My Apex Gnome, that you appear to be faltering on Memory, per Speech & Policy. Might I enrol you in Some helpful dance classes, say the Burley Griffin 2 Step?
    Yes, Of COURSE Sir – TOO Complex, what was I/ We thinking! We’ll leave that as, IT TERMinally is then, tripping on your tongue, & ‘er’- ‘umíng THE Tune!
    As a last Aid Sir, I appear to have @ Hand Always – In, I.D.entickle Political circles, a role of Import GAF tape for your facial fly trap! It may be MORE beneFacial, than you realise – especially to the rest of US!”

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