September 27, 2023

4 thoughts on “Aussie dollar among currencies weakened most since pandemic

  1. I would not be surprised if the Aussie dollar slips to around $0.40usd over the next several years! It’s not surprising that countries like Mexico are doing well economically when their government did not impose fascist restrictions on it’s people and shut down it’s economy for nearly two year over a glorified flu!

  2. SEEr how this ‘Global ECOnomic ‘SWINDLE, ‘Pans’ out in the Near Future! ‘eCONomics’, including ‘Exchange rates’, HAS always been a Swindle, & WHO sets THE ‘RATES’, AND using WHAT ‘Formula’, & ‘Inputs’ to that/ those Formulas??
    It doesn’t take too much observance, to see, that the U.S. IS travelling Insolvent – just on their ‘Declared’ Foreign debt [ ‘Black Debt’/ OFF Books Military/ Security NOT inclusive in Reported Civil debt figures @ Approx U.S.$40 TRILLION & Change= NOT sure if this includes laTest TRANS ‘Costings’ – LOL], along with several Euro members! Then there’s the Global / Individual Countries Debts, reflected in IMF/ World bank figures of Mega TOTALLY irresponsible numbers [Thank God, they’re NOT in Roman Numerals = Thankyou Arabians for your Simplified Math inputs, whilst The Europeans were Shitting in Moats, after Butchering their Neighbours, raping the Women & eating Horse meat in Draftey castles, luckily they Embarked on the Crusades Mk 1 to show you YOUR ignorance in Sciences/ Math/ personal hygiene AND economics = How’s that working Locally @ this time??] – Strategised or Not!
    Last – HA!; With CONvid in mind, [If said Beast Of Mythicological Beasts Erroneous References still hold sway- We’ll call it BOMBER, { just for CyBer-org entertainment} CAN, be found], when I was at/in high school in the Mid 1970’s, Historically, it was shown that ‘Printing at will’ an UNcontrolled, obscene amount of Money, WAS HIGHLY INFLATIONARY – RECKLESS – IRRESPONSIBLE, Especially with NO back up to said ‘Printed Currency’ – & NO ‘Return’ on Coin printed!
    Remember the Mythical ‘Gold Standard’ ( Thanks Nixon for ReSchedule) & LIMITING printing above a certain % of THE COUNTRY’S Gold reserves to RESPONSIBLY SUPPORT your CURrentSee – See Weimar Republic outcomes. = NOW, STILL A MODERN REPLICATION – WITHOUT REPURCUSSIONS = THAT AIN’T RIGHT ! AND, in the 70- 80’s & Pre – graduated ‘Savings’ of Money for Emergencies, [The Old ‘rainy day’] without Excessive’ expenditures on luxury items, was encouraged ( They, THE Banks, even had ‘Compound Interest’ = HOORAH!!) NOT any More! =
    ‘WE @ Bankers for Infant sacrifices, HAVE Your INconvenience as our MAJOR Game plan!- Virtual economics IS ALL! – IF, you somehow feel under Duress, Whilst WE Collectively SCREWED YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR BUSINESS OVER, when YOU our loyal customers were SO Vulnerable during CONvid – Don’t worry! WE @ Need Another Bank ‘U.N.DERstand’ your problems. Just give us a call & we can discuss your Woes. After all, WE, along with the other 3 Members of the SAME bank, are trying to work ‘TOGETHER’, in a P.R. EXorcism, so we DO NOT have to explain how, we GRIFTED an Extra AU$ 30 – 40 BILLION in PROFITS this last year Alone, out of EWE, our Loyal Customers, from RBA Leverages on RUBBER DUB DUB Inflationary Figures, AND, it DIDN’T affect our Exchange Rates, BECAUSE, PreDOMINANTly,, Weird – Sorry We’re, We ARE, OWNED by the same U.Sers of A anyway [ Military not withstanding – Maybe A Gay/ TRANS-formation! – Sorry again. TRANS Formation. SHIT! A Transformation – Phew! – I’d had a Bad ‘Waking Dream’ – Alumina & Flouride in the Water = A Phalanx of TRANS – WOULD NOT have Woked well – UM – Worked well @ Thermopylae & Hell’s Gates – 480 B.C. ( B.C. – Before Censorship)].
    Last/ Last; On the Military front/ or Affront { YES TRANS, APPaRently That’s Fully Ewe}, I hear that the OZ ‘CONservative’ Govt – If Anyone can Find ‘IT’, that IT, has signed up to A $3,000,000,000 Deal [ Again], for supply of Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. Apart from ‘Needing’ This to further Piss off, our MAIN Northern Trading Partners – Whom I think their Initials are PRC [Please Read Carefully – N.B; Penny Wong number – Explain that away], HAVE, said purChasing Technocrats / Prime Minstrel – Albino ForeverBendDaKneesee/ & TreaSurer Jim – Isn’t He a Chalmer, – together – ‘Locked IN’ A FIXED Price, @ Current Exchange Rates – Without Dodgey Inflation #s, Without Cost over Runs AND including Freight – ALL FIXED RATES? = NO! Business AS USerALL!
    JEEVES! Where the Bloody Hell are you Mate? We need some Insider Trading Comedy! – WHAT? What do you mean THE CUR-Rent Govt Crew HAVE outdone you? – Fair enough! A bigger Professional Ship of Fools troupe, I don’t know either Mate!
    Wellness as usual.

    1. Let US talk ‘eCONomics’, in the Woke of the Neo Maui ‘Fires’! THE Way Forward in any ‘e’VENT of National ImportAnce, IS, APParently to DO stuff online, so that it ‘DOesn’t’ affect Your Bottom Line/ Curs- RentCy! As with ALL National U.S. Catastrophies, NOTHING apparently affects the U.S. $ – YET! ( Whereas in Australia, a water buffalo farts in a N.T. Swamp, & our $ drops by at least a few cents).
      Back to Anywhere else but OZ, A person OR Group, CAN Sava Da Money, look ‘After’ Planetary CONsumables AND, get the ‘Early EditION’ out to the Eagerly waiting Survivors – Um, apologies, Your ‘Customer Base’ – IN a ‘Flash’!! The Greenies WILL APP.Lord the efFort, The Administration will save on Forests, so carbon sinks can be ‘Barturd for’- stabilising the eCONomies [ until same forest is removed for Solar panels/ telco infrastructures – another diversion & missing off the Exchange rate ‘formulas’.],
      ‘THEY’, THE eCONomic ‘In crowd’ & financial Gurus, on their Million $ ‘Experience Club’ gravy train Lecher Tours – OOPS! Apologies that IS ‘Lecture Tours’ – NOT a reference to CUR-rent or PreviArse U.S. Administration ‘Figure Heads’! – Maybe. Back > The ‘Specialist eCONomic Gurus Will advise ON their Getting AHEAD of the ‘Game’, is paramount for Good eCONomic policy, & CounteRing the ‘Opposition’ IN ALL!
      Reference to ‘Lead in’> Example of Pathfinder policy & FourWard thinking/ PROduct-IONS;
      WE HAVE – Warp Speeding on Multi fronts; BUY it NOW! = Amazing – Sorry, That IS – Amazon
      ‘Fire & Fury’- The story of the Maui Fires 2023 And it’s Implications for ClimbApe change – BY – WAIT FOR IT – Dr Miles Stones! [ FUG OFF! – Reminds me of FTX trading bollox & Mr Sam Bankman-Fried. Where do ‘they’ get TOSSERS InterNational from?]
      Next; Warp speed ‘Writing’- THE ‘Book’ References/ chronicles ‘Events’ of 2023 Maui ‘Natural fires’ from Aug 8 – 11th. Book ‘release / Publication date’ – 10th AUGUST! AND, The ‘Publication Codes’?And Now, Dr Milestones presents – the 1st division lotto Winning numbers for Christmas day 2023! LOL
      Last/ last; Due to eCONomic budJet CONstraints, WAS FEMA [ ForEverMurderingAmericans] Hawaii branch, holding Another COINcidental Emergency Exorcise – maybe on Local fires & Implications of Plebs STILL independently ‘Owning’ THEIR real estate, Against S.M.A.R.T 15 minute ClimbApe change factors? – NAH!

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