December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “Jim’s Mowing founder fools MSM with micronation joke

  1. And don’t forget that Australia hosts the REAL King of England, namely the Plantagenet King Michael [Hastings] of Jerilderie. The “Windsors” are imposters.

  2. So can anyone join these micronations? Love to see the whole list and how they are fairing. Were they immune to the plandemic rules?

    1. There are many in the North, but who are suspending declaration until they are sure there is no longer hope to end the genocide taking place in the NT. Many will welcome mainstream Australians as soon as they have developed trade economies, some of these advised by well-wishers in Singapore who underwent the same process in the 1960s. They will secede when government refuses to recognise Aboriginal Law in Aboriginal communities, and also if governent fails to recognise Aboriginal languages. For 235 years, they have been forced to negoitate their survival in a foreign language… English… which few understand sufficiently, especially since the collapse of NT Education. Because they don’t understand English, they cannot benefit from information on nutrition, hygiene, food toxicity, trade training, or contraindicated medical interventions. On one small island, there is a queue of 12 bodies awaitng funerals and burials, whereas fifty years ago it was three to four funerals per year.

      There are communities in NSW and elsewhere saying much the same. Obviously, the ‘Voice’ will recognise none of this, not one of those ‘Voice’ frauds understanding any of the real problems in rural and remote Australia because not one speaks an Aboriginal language, nor possesses any Aboriginal culture.

  3. If it’s all over the mainstream media it’s because they are all in on it together. Jim’s wasting a little bit of his ill gotten gains on this stunt.

  4. Jim will be judged by history to be the perpetrator of a cruel stunt, unless he actually identifies an area of land and declares national sovereignty. Should he do so, he will attract many immigrants from around Victoria and beyond, and then will need to expand his borders accordingly until, eventually, Dangerous Dan the Psycho Tyrant is isolated on a small portion of Australia wherein his neighbours can throw rotten eggs at him until he flees to China; who probably will deny him entry on mental health grounds. Your move Jim. As a published historian, I have commneced recording.

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