October 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “‘We Secede!’: A look at micronations across Australia and the world

  1. With Australian “democratically-elected governments” now merely corporations registered in the US, “micronations” could be our only genuine countries.

    In similar vein, The Republic of Whangamomona is looking good now that the rest of NZ is going to hell under the treasonous WEF – Big pHARMa shill, Jab-cinder Ard-on.

  2. Interesting and fascinating article.

    I agree Graham! But wouldn’t they just invade and take over anyway?

  3. Start a Micro nation or a non complying community? Is it the same? It seems we will have to have support for Christians as real Christianity is going to be forced underground maybe. Actually loving and following Jesus means we are aliens and strangers in this land!

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