November 29, 2023

4 thoughts on “The VaxXed bus tour is returning to New South Wales

  1. Good on them. And especially to Meryl Dorey, who is retiring soon. What a great job she and the other AVN people have done over the years in trying to alert people to the dangers of vaccinations: poisons jammed relentlessly into the hapless populace from infancy by pHARMa-corrupted governments.

    “Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccinations should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defence of their conviction.” Gandhi

    “When the intensity of biomedical intervention crosses a critical threshold, clinical iatrogenesis [medically-induced death and injury] turns from error, accident or fault into an incurable perversion of medical practice.” Ivan Illich, “Limits to Medicine” [1976]. This is what we are witnessing now in the form of the deadly covid quax.

    1. Wow did not know Ghandi said that, incredible he knew that then. There is actually no proof that any vaccines work. So glad I never went down that road with my now adult son, he never gets sick.

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