What if, Australia?

A few questions that need to be asked.


What if the federal government views the Constitution as an obstacle to be avoided?

What if many of its most earnest endeavours have been spent finding ways to evade it?

What if the dual purposes of the Constitution were and remain the establishment of the federal government and the imposition of restraints upon it?

What if the states formed the federal government and not the other way around?

What if the states that formed the federal government contemplated that they can correct it when it exceeds the powers given to it?

What if the federal government’s only source of powers was those delegated to it by the states in the Constitution?

What if those delegated powers are spelled out in the Constitution so that all persons can read that governmental powers not delegated federally have been retained by the states?

What if “the consent of the governed” was the necessary linchpin for a moral and legitimate government?

What if the government is not moral, and thus not legitimate, if it lacks the consent of the governed?

What if no one living today has consented to the federal government?

What if the culture of the federal government has become an out-of-control Leviathan in the past 100 years?

What if this Leviathan believes that it can right any wrong, regulate any behaviour, tax any event, borrow any amount, fight any war, tell any lie, torture any foe, and kill any person, no matter what the Constitution says?

What if all who work for this Leviathan took an oath to uphold the Constitution?

What if that oath legally binds those who take it to the plain meaning of the words in the Constitution?

What if the government could only right wrongs in areas of governance delegated to them in the Constitution?

What if the Constitution plainly leaves areas of governance, such as health, safety, welfare and morality, to the states?

What if the Leviathan is made up of folks who view the states not as independent sovereign entities, but as subservient administrative regions whose wills can be bent by distributing federal cash?

What if those who control the Leviathan truly want to trample the states, tell us all how to live, seize our wealth and give it away, and compel us to take drugs against our wills?


What if there is no authority in the Constitution for the federal government to tell us all how to live and to compel us all to receive experimental drugs?

What if the government signed a treaty right after World War II that prohibits all nations that have signed it from compelling any persons to receive experimental drugs?

What if the authorities treated their commitments under treaties just as they do their restraints under the Constitution — with disdain and indifference?

What if the authorities believed it is politically wise for them to compel the rest of us to receive experimental drugs?

What if they have done this, even though all competent adults can refuse any medication and all competent parents can make health and medical decisions for their children?

What if they don’t care what the courts say when it rules against them?

What if the authorities had no authority whatsoever to enter upon private property without a search warrant and tell an employer how to run a business?

What if the federal vaccine mandate was promulgated by the Prime Minister and his bureaucrats, and is not a law that can be enforced with penalties?

What if the Senate and House had not enacted any laws compelling COVID-19 vaccinations?

What if the Prime Minister had not even asked them to enact such laws?

What if the Prime Minister doesn’t care about the Constitution he has sworn to uphold, and instead directed bureaucrats to issue edicts and pretend that they are laws?

What if some courageous MPs told their police not to enforce unjust mandates? What if authorities actually lacked the resources to enforce their rules on their own?

What if authorities suffer a huge political backlash because of their imposition of mandates that assault personal bodily integrity and invade private property?

What if the states ignored the federal government?

What if they refused its cash and declined its bribes?

What if we were all left free to make our own choices when it comes to bodily integrity and personal privacy?

What if the federal government didn’t take lightly a massive and state-generated defiance of their mandates?

What if the federal government wrongly used force to compel compliance?

What if most folks fear the government because they prefer safety to freedom?

What if it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong?

What if all of these questions were true?

What do we do about it?


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6 comments on “What if, Australia?”

  1. What if, we, the people who care, could get the people who don’t give a shit, to even contemplate the …what if…these points you make impact the very core of the freedoms we grew up with and are rapidly disappearing.

  2. Maybe we should ask the police or the government if laws that they are trying to enforce onto us have been lawfully enacted and signed into law by an appropriately appointed delegate of the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  3. As far as i can tell. we no longer come under the Queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland .Surely we now have The Queen of Australia.Who would certainly be a corporate entity.

    And what if they brought back our Constitution ?
    And what if they actually abided by it.?
    And what if they hadn’t sold us out to the United Nations ?
    And what if they do not give power to the WHO over our health. ( The Treaty to be signed on the 22nd of this month i am informed.
    And what if they did not make pacts with other nations as the Constitution says.And what if they told us what their prison camps are really for ?
    And what if they stopped taking orders from globalists.
    And what if they held referendums bout the most important issues affecting Australians ?
    And what if they acted by the result of those referendum ? That would be a change .

    How long do you want the list?

    It is my will that Treaty with the WHO is NOT SIGNED.

    Do you people know the WHO will tell you what injections, what medicines what masks you must wear. When you must be locked up, etc. You could see this a mile away, anyone with their eyes open anyway.

    The WHO.is almost owned by Bill Gates.So they largely do as they are told.

    So we should be very clear on this, and correct me if I am wrong. Bill gates is a ugenicist. He is also planning on depopulating the world, and yes, he did mention Australia . With careful planning we could get ie down by !0 million people by 2025.But surely I must have heard him wrong.

    1. spinner is on the ball, yes BG did mention Oz as the best example on how to prevent the “next” plandemic. ie; lock up everyone everywhere & go door to door.

      now china is showing the world how to take it to the next level by barricading all citizens in their own homes, even welding doors so they don’t open & catching escapees with dog catcher claws & beating the shit out of anyone who doesn’t comply, even if they’re starving.

      also in china apple & ford factory workers cannot leave the plant in an aptly named “closed loop” work & live on site enforced by the govt. ie; prison/slave labour (not labor!)

      the WHO’s supranational authority deal is not mentioned on the usual media but everyone knows about it. the biggest contributors to this outfit is BG, US (trump stopped it for a bit) & China. so follow the money as they say.

      also WEF signed another globalist deal (without any conference or vote) with the UN on the 17 NWO agenda points (visit WEF site, it’s right there, no secret) to seal the fate of the global order based on these pedos’ ideals. i can’t for the life of me understand how any govt can just sign their own people’s lives away to a handful of pyschopaths without flinching.

      speaking of sellout govts, Gunner has “quit for family” or rather his usefulness has ended & can’t be left to accidentally divulge any NWO agendas, so his fake tears will surely be missed?

      if anyone here still believes the corporate govt. gives a rats arse about any constitution or laws then they’re on totts for the wrong reasons. corporations are not states, they’re businesses & will do anything & everything for profit – lie, cheat, steal, kill, imprison & steal some more, that’s it!

      is it any wonder why the msm only let the 2 main parties debate & avoid any Indies in those debates? either way, it’s two sides of the same coin. nothing will change unless these quisling parasites are gone for good.

      when you vote, you don’t have an option for “none of the above” bc the govt isn’t giving you a choice so we don’t get a hung parliament. if we did, then it’s a free for all & everyone will see how quickly the rats leave their prospective parties to save themselves a seat.



  4. what if riccardo bosi gets into govt holding the balance of power and mandated public floggings and hangings for corrupt politicians

    What if the 90 year suppression order was lifted on the wood royal commission into pedophilia

    What if we had an honest election

    Somehow the sheep need to wake up

    May 14th is a big one , make your your there at the freedom rallys australia wide to show your support

    What if millions show up

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