November 29, 2023

9 thoughts on “Queensland’s segregation is beginning to shift — but is the damage already done?

  1. Great stuff, Ethan. Good that those disgusting, discriminatory quax mandates are being removed. Though I must say that, in my experience (two stays in Brisbane of two weeks each time in March/April), 9/10 cafes/restaurants I visited weren’t enforcing this egregious medico-fascist diktat…probably the best way to handle such edicts from these criminal governments.

    As you caution, this is no time to become complacent, rather time to prepare for their next atrocity. And reflect on the retribution that will eventually be visited upon the perpetrators. I like “larrikinreviewofficial”‘s comment: “Tick tock…we are gathering evidence”…reinforcing Malcolm Roberts’s outstanding recent Senate speech, which concluded with: “How could you ever think that you would get away with this? Remember this…we are coming for you.”

    Yes, they have achieved partly their objective, but well short of fully. And don’t forget, the quaxxed, in addition to being weakened physically, have probably also been “chipped” to enable them to be even better little Epsilons who can use efficiently the central bank digital currency without even the need for a debit/credit card.

    Returning to the quax mandate theme, I posted the following on Cory Bernardi Confidential the other day…just love this story:

    Here is a cautionary tale for those virtue-signalling businesses that led the charge to introduce staff and customer quax mandates. I am giving it the title “Cockie in Hand Covid Karma”.
    CBC [and TOTT News] Members may recall I awarded the sought-after Quaxling of the Week award back in Sept 2021 to the owner of the Bird in Hand Winery/Restaurant in the Adelaide Hills. Alas, the award became a victim of its own success: each week I was inundated by so many “worthy” entrants it became virtually a full-time job, so eventually I had to discontinue it.
    The Bird in Hand won for planning to introduce a quax mandate from early November. I predicted that its staff and visitors would be able to share spike proteins while quaffing the winery’s products, accompanied by toasted marshmallows, which turned out to quite prescient: our former Premier, Steven Marshall, is a friend of the BiH owner.
    I have just been informed that BiH is “temporarily closed”…probably due to staff isolating due to positive “test” results. TripAdvisor reviews are overwhelmingly scathing re the business’s discriminatory stance. Such as “Discrimination is their flavour apparently. You can taste it in their wines. Mandatory jabs to enter, no thank you! Disgusting policy.” Another expresses the desire that the temporary closure becomes permanent. Covid quax karma indeed.

    You are right, Ethan: complete disassociation from the planned digital dystopia needs to be the aim of genuine freedom-lovers. And you certainly deserve at least one cheeky little drink…as long as it is not a Bird in Hand vino. I see that Sam and the Vax Man have published an interview with me from a week or so ago. They are gutsy Adelaide freedom fighters from Prison Colony Resistance, “where you can get your PCR test for Truth”. I gave TOTT News a plug on it.

    1. Graham, I have to agree on what you are saying. I wish they would relinquish the mandates here in the west, especially the mask nonsense. I have also been warning people that they don’t give in and will fight to the bitter end to get their way ( the cabal that is). This may be a ruse to make us think we are going back to normal, when in fact they are cooking up something else. See what is happening in China – what is going on, a new covid or something else? Anyway I know the digital identity and currency is definitely on the books to come in and if that gets in we are all gone, unless we live as a separate free people. I believe we still have a long road ahead to winning this fight. If they win then it’s going to be a planet full of zombies walking around with no feeling and no soul – a dead world – full of AI (anti-Christ, if you believe in such things). Indeed they seem to be proud of getting rid of the humanness of us and turning us into robots for their work and pleasure.

      I have a couple of links which if true will turn what we think of covid on its head. I have 2 parts and the 3 part is coming, but once you have the link you can look for yourself for the 3rd one.

      Happy watching.

  2. So, because I’m unvaxed does that mean my sperm is the most precious commodity on the planet?

  3. Droid Transfer Setup.
    So, apparently it’s ‘THE SERVANTS’, who WILL tell their ‘Employers’ (US), When, Where & How, IF you can have the Concept of Freedom’ Back, & @ What rate.
    & ‘Relaxing Systems’ is an Old Torture trick, for ‘Sense of Security’ Value, & break the Inherent Human Stoic survival sense – Governments Education Dept., ‘Project Snowflakes ‘R’ us’ ‘Trainers’ & successful candidates excluded.
    This will be because the ‘Employers’ have ALREADY been ‘Bashed’ Physically, Financially & more importantly Psychologically – Socially, with the ‘Resisting Survivors’ on the List to be Ground down even further, by ANY ‘Means Necessary’ & Employing SHEEP, Emotive Co Conspirators!
    THE ‘Drones’, passing for a % of the Population, believe, that if they are Eternally Compliant, including ALL the Social & Moral betrayal required for themselves as Survivalists, & against NON Conformers, THE ‘System’ will obligingly, cater for their Every Needs, Security & safety. – Fools – Not Age or Gender restricted.
    THE ‘Servants’, Below a certain Pay grade, who ‘Think they are Players’, once their Use by Date is confirmed, will be thrown to the ‘Pack’! – “I’ve got a little job for You Erich, may require some Subterfuge. But You’re 1 of Us,aren’t You? Ask no questions Erich.” –
    Later. “Are you done on that little matter Erich? Lovely. Feed ‘Im to the Pigs Harold!”
    Any ‘Voids’ exposed in THE System for ‘Civilisation relief’, have Pre ‘Relief’, Already been infilled, & are NOT Voids at all! – Eg; Broad Spectrum Mech & A.I. Surveillance, Less ‘Boots on the Ground’ Resource Diversifications Drone & Broad Spectrum A.I. Implementation.- “Steady Sparkie!”
    As for ‘Everything being blamed on Bad genes’ – THE Australian – loose term – ‘Stasi’ Crew already have the ‘Copies’ apparently, in Henry’s Sino Lab! – The U.S/ U.K. NATO apparently the same on Slavics via Ukraine BSL3s. & I guess Everywhere on the Planet – Dumb Arse Madmen. – Sorry, Equal opportunity on Dumb Scientists & their ‘Handlers’.
    AND, with ALL of the Global Woes, an Outfall Financially AND ‘Purposefully Contributed to’ BY Previous Admins of western Nations, Australia Inclusive, where they could previously HIDE OR OFFSET these Demons with Global Blame on NON defendable Entity – CONJOB-19, Now Purposefully, Strategically Inserted into The Line of Fire, we have ‘Baba Yaga’ PUTIN! With the Corporate News Manufacturing Hacks, Slicker than Koala Shit on a Chrome shovel, Now going Gangbusters to blame Russians for Everything, from Kitten Drowning to lack of Australian Toilet Paper supplies! WELL, that’s a Relief. At least I can go to a Cafe again, in relative Safety, without an Official Australian Orifice probe I.D.
    “RUN! RUN! IT’S BABA YAGA! BABA YAGA!” Australian compliance Drones, better look under Yer Bed – THE Commies are Doing a ‘Return Tour of Duty Down Under!’
    Don’t forget your Pantry full of Blue pill Smoothies, Your Google/ Arsebook/Twit/DuckDuck &GONE/The rest @ Sock Media – ‘Edited/ Fuctchecked’ history, Yer Blue & Yellow nightdress, Yer constant attention to the Corporate Medicating News – YOU may be called on to become the NEO ‘Monday’s Experts’! – TOO LATE! YER THERE!

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