October 1, 2023

5 thoughts on “Framed as Far-Right Terrorists: The Coming False-Flags Against Anti-Injection Activists?

  1. Nice piece by TJ. Mike Adams warned of this a fair while back on his Situation Updates. The bio/medico-fascists can jab their quax where the sun don’t shine…oh dear, I suppose that’s incitement.

    1. Oh, your a naughty boy Graham, saying such things about medical facist royalty;
      in the risk assessment in the war of words; where a critique is an explosive litany of intent ; or an opinion that defers to critical thinking, is now a plot of the subversive
      ilk, akin to the Christ, who was not short on admonishment , of the Liars and Vipers, who were pretenders, fakers and ascribed to rule by fear; ah, we have been at this, for a very long time:
      Amazing, is it not , I see it now claimed, that some Hospitals in the U.S. will now
      not treat people who are caucasian, for covid related illness:
      So, on a scale of incitement,or would that be enticement to commit grevious bodily
      harm, I wonder how that rates:
      Ah yes; where credibility is given to branding, where we now come full circle in our degeneration of the inverse and the perverse, where standing Armies are arrayed
      within our own Borders as we are made Enemies of the State, then again we always were:
      Well, the Quax- otics , can mount their horses of the apocalypse; and claim the
      right of force, for the common good, I retain the right I was Born with, my Free
      Will; and say NO;
      Keep up the effort Graham, as a fellow South Aussie, I support all your endevours:!!

    2. The Canberra Convoy, that the Media 7 9 & 10 “Don,t” report on Including the Tax payer funded Traitors at the A/B/C. Are now showing our So called “Government” is Corporate, but guess what the “REAL Constitution” not the bastardised version of the Traitor Bob, no child in poverty Hawke.
      Is still the LAW OF THE LAND! Know that!

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