Merry Christmas from TOTT News!

Sending best wishes to all readers of TOTT News this holiday season!


TOTT News would like to wish all readers a very happy Christmas!

We hope you all take some time to forget about the madness of the world for just a little bit.

Remember the true, deeper messages behind this occasion; remember the important things in life. This day teaches us that there is always a light that will shine through the darkness.

The world has been through an unprecedented few years. Yet, on this day, the spirit of joy, love, laughter and compassion has not been broken.

Fly the flag of tradition in the face of this new dystopia.

If you are not welcome by your friends or family due to your own personal medical decisions, or can’t get to see your family today, stay strong!

Don’t pretend the day isn’t happening, it will make you feel more isolated. Make a plan for your day – have something lovely to eat, check out a movie you want to watch and think about it as a day of indulgence and self-care.

Perhaps leave a comment below and organise your own gathering with like-minded individuals! is also a good place to find out what’s happening in your community.

For example, after a quick search, I found an online meditation session this morning available from the Heartfulness Team –

You can also be rest assured there will still be information for readers to explore right here on the website! 🙂

Thank you for your ongoing support of independent media in 2021!

Stay tuned for an annual recap piece, as well as more feature and user content on the way.

A special thank you to all Supporters and Full Members who make this website possible.

We love and appreciate you all!

– TOTT News Team

Love came down at Christmas, 
Love all lovely, Love Divine; 

Love was born at Christmas, 
Star and angels gave the sign. 

Worship we the Godhead, 
Love Incarnate, Love Divine; 

Worship we our Jesus: 
But wherewith for sacred sign? 

Love shall be our token, 
Love be yours and love be mine.

Love to God and all men, 
Love for plea and gift and sign.

Christina Rossetti.


16 comments on “Merry Christmas from TOTT News!”

  1. Merry Christmas Ethan and everyone else! ..I’m home alone today and on call for work until next Thursday but will still make sure I have a good day…a movie or two will be on the agenda methinks!

    1. Thanks for the wishes, Kel! Hope it was a good one for you!

      Sometimes kicking your feet up and a good movie is all that is needed. Love it. I chose to check out the new Matrix and not look at any news. Disconnecting never felt better given this year.

      Don’t work too hard if you get called in! *wink*


  2. We love and appreciate you Ethan.
    Always recognised the Spirit of the Lord within you.
    Abundant blessings, Kelrok.

  3. Peace and love to you Ethan and thanks for your tireless commitment to pursuing the truth.

    You have a very wise mind – a unique trait – and we appreciate that you share your wisdom so unselfishly.

    Enjoy a well-earned rest.


    1. Appreciate the kind words, Julia! I’m flattered!

      Thank you for sharing your great thoughts this year and for your continued support. Having people like yourself offer insight and encouragement helps me push forward; to realise we’re not as crazy as the world would like us to believe.

      It’s a beautiful ying and yang process, and something I’m blessed to experience.

      Hope you took some time away from the madness for Christmas this year and are having a happy holiday period! Sending good energy down your way! 🙂


  4. Merry Christmas to you too Ethan.
    Unfortunately I had no internet yesterday, but I made the most of it anyway.
    A Merry Christmas to everyone else too, and may the good of humanity prevail in this war.
    Lots of love from Shane!

  5. Thanks Ethan, hope you and family enjoyed the day. Your output this year has been outstanding, your careful research and perceptive analysis so valuable.

    My Christmas lunch went without a hitch. About 30 present, everyone > 16 yrs quaxxed and asleep to the coronahoax (or at least pretending to be), but unquaxxed/unfake-tested me was tolerated. Dosed myself up on vit D, vit C, Se, Zn, turmeric, Prunella vulgaris floret powder and apples before going…and still had room for a comprehensive lunch.

    Best wishes for 2022…it promises to be quite exciting for Freedom Fighters.

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