POWERFUL: Violinist plays Aussie national anthem at Melbourne protest

A talented violinist captured the hearts of everyone yesterday by playing a rendition of the Australian national anthem on the steps of Victorian Parliament.

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What scenes in Melbourne.
Photo: AKO
A moment that will go down in Australian history..

Many different emotions felt during this one.

What do you think??

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1 comments on “POWERFUL: Violinist plays Aussie national anthem at Melbourne protest”

  1. I’m nearly 50yo and I couldn’t stop crying and thinking how great this country was, and how sad at what our country has become. 🙁

    I wonder if any of those cops had a tear in their eye? I guess they wouldn’t understand how powerful and meaningful our national anthem is when we’re in a crisis, being so young. There’s no seasoned and experienced cops anymore, they’ve been done away with and replaced by younger and more easily programmed NWO minions.

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