December 7, 2023

1 thought on “Discussion: AstraZeneca saga, natural medicine, Pfizer

  1. What a good podcast from The General and Andy, voices of courage and sanity in an increasingly mad world. Best wishes to your father, General…that is an inspiring story, how you took control of his cancer treatment and, using cannabis oil, steered him toward better health (including halving the PSA biomarker…that is no mean feat), away from the toxic chemicals that were killing him. As you noted, wrt the medical profession, “a customer cured is a customer lost”. I confess that I have not examined the use of cannabis or “black salve” v cancer. You have given me another task during house arrest.

    This reminds me: I know two people who overcame multiple sclerosis using “alternative treatment’. Both are now as fit as bulls and would probably be dead if they had followed the orthodox medical regime. I am a bit of a classical music fan, and the other night watched Alice Sara Ott playing Grieg’s piano concerto on youtube. She is absolutely beautiful and is barefooted when playing the piano, even in concerts. She was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago…I just hope she too has adopted non-medical treatment, otherwise she will be in trouble, like the great cellist, Jacqueline du Pre.

    No jab, no rescue…how sick can it get? I think I would prefer to take my chance with the volcanic ash…less toxic than the covax! That is a telling point you made: more [reported] deaths from just three months of covax than from a decade of all other vaxxes. But still sheeple line up.

    Great to hear that your “no face nappy” policy still applies! Although I might use one to keep out the volcanic ash!

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