June 7, 2023

2 thoughts on “Discussion: QLD lockdown, vaccine passports, sync

  1. Great podcast, chaps, the best of yours that I have yet heard. The synchronicity (3/11) certainly did not hurt you. As I noted earlier, it was a pleasure to meet you all at the Brisbane rally on 20/3. Thanks for the mention, General (and the beer and ride home) and it would be a privilege for me to join you on a future podcast, if you think I have something to offer. In addition to “William Gates”, Lawrence of Arabia was present at the pub, using his original/real name of “TE Chapman”.

    Love your proposal of “reverse covax exclusion”, i.e. a gym that excludes the covaxxed, who may be shedding “new, dangerous Variants of Concern (followed by the “TM” symbol, proposed by UK Column)”.

    A legacy of my Brisbane stay is my current 24-day house arrest here in Adelaide. I flew into Adelaide at 10.30pm on Monday, to be informed that I would have to “self-isolate” at home AND submit to three “covid tests”. That’s when I hit the roof (but kept enough control to suppress the expletives that begged for release). I informed the official that I was a real scientist, unlike the charlatans employed by SA Health, and there was NO WAY I would submit to their fraudulent, invasive “covid test” that does NOT detect viruses. Then repeated it when he summoned his superior, a police officer, loud enough that everyone nearby could hear. Option 2 was another 10 days added to the sentence, but no fake tests/DNA harvesting. A nice exposure to medical tyranny. So here I am, accompanied by our cat “Pixie”, redoubling my exercise program, listening to the great piano concertos of Grieg, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven at maximum volume with impunity (as my wife is staying in Brisbane until next week), and resisting the attempted imposition of tyranny by the globalist parasites to the best of my ability.

    My current main anti-covax project is to warn (and provide evidence to) key people in several Pacific Island countries where I have worked, about the dangers of the covax. My aim is for the Gates/WHO/Aust govt-backed covax teams (which are scheduled to arrive soon) to receive a “hot” welcome on arrival and be sent packing.

    Your excellent podcast provided plenty of food for thought. More on this below.

  2. You noted that “immunity passports” will create a vax apartheid, where non-vaxxers will be excluded. As I always say: the weaponisation of medicine represents the final step for the imposition of fascism/tyranny. The silly sheeple, “Normies”, bien pensants, who comprise the bulk of the populace it appears, just “go along to get along”, and this is what allows the globalist parasites to advance their evil agenda.

    But we can still be positive and hopeful. As Andy says, “We have to think about a life separate from the rest”, as the ultra-regulated global fascist state is of no interest to us and we will not participate in it. As Ethan said, “We will avoid this dystopian nightmare…it will be a constant game.” You mentioned that non-vaxxer behaviour, e.g.no face nappies, no social distancing, no signing-in, etc “can become cool”.

    Interesting discussion of synchromysticism, Ethan, and as General says, those “fasci” are everywhere in the US, including in Congress, “hiding in plain view”.

    Top podcast…thank you, gentlemen.

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