December 6, 2023

8 thoughts on “Microsoft patent would ‘reincarnate’ deceased as chatbots

  1. Your last sentence is the key: the perpetrators of this garbage are soulless…their souls died long ago. Poor old Bill…what will he come up with next? I hope he has sufficient AI data/chatbots/whatever stored in order to provide some sort of eternity for all the hapless folk he is dispatching into oblivion with his covax. At any rate, a chatbot is a lot easier than cryogenic preservation, in vogue a few decades ago. If you lacked sufficient funds for whole-body cryopreservation, you could take the bargain option: cryopreservation of your head only. OMG, what if I awoke to find my head joined to Bill Gates’s body? I think I would try to disengage myself…but “my” arms would be waving around so uncontrollably I would fail. Joined to Bill for eternity…now that really IS a fate worse than death.

  2. Great article as usual Ethan. The movie Transcendence with Johnny Depp also comes to mind and I have no doubt that Hollywood ( Coined Jesuit Theatre ) made the movie and the Netflix series to predictively program the mind of most into what they were planning well ahead of time. This has been the main purpose of Hollywood over the past few decades and dare I say, since its inception.

    However, there is a much bigger picture than that and that is the belief in the Immortality of the Soul, a lie that had its origin in the Garden of Eden where Eve was told that if she ate the forbidden fruit she would not surely die but instead become like a god, knowing good and evil. The same lie is now being pushed by using the technocrats and their technology and the intention is to fool humanity into believing that one can achieve Immortality and become like God, which is one of the two greatest deceptions of the devil.

    I personally believe that it would be difficult for AI to come that close to impersonating a dead person so it looks and feels as real as can be to living humans in the flesh, but it can lead the way for some Evil spirits to then take over and impersonate the dead loved one perfectly in the flesh and spirit instead, without arousing any suspicion and the delusion would be perfect. Is the devil therefore predictively programming people into believing in the Immortality of the Soul on a worldwide scale?

    1. @Legitano7, I don’t understand how you can deny the immortality of the soul while still believing in “evil spirits” and “the devil”. Of course our souls are immortal, not our physical bodies, and we have been given Free Will by Almighty God to choose where to live in the spiritual world after our earthly life is finished. That doesn’t mean we think we are “God”! It is only the followers of the Talmud who try to deny the immortality of the soul, and focus entirely on amassing wealth and power in this earthly life.

      We can wallow in depravity here on earth and choose to condemn our immortal souls to hell, or we can heed the teachings of our Twin Redeemers Jesus Christ & John the Baptist, repent our sins, ask God’s forgiveness, get baptized, and try our best to “Go, and sin no more”. We can choose to live in misery with Satan & his demonic allies in the spirit world, or we can choose to live in joy with Almighty God and His Beloved Twin Sons in the “new heaven & earth”.

  3. Thank you, Ethan, for this terrible warning of the future the Satanic Globalists have planned for humans.
    It is horrific. What disgusting ghouls they are!

  4. Good comment, Protestant. I have been studying them for over 35 years…it is like examining a particularly grotesque parasite under a strong microscope. Not a pleasant task, but necessary in order to understand history and global events today.

    1. Graham- What an apt description! I like it, and that’s how I will think of them from now on: as “particularly grotesque parasites”.

  5. Can I put THE Global Elite ,With Bill & Melinda Gates up for Chat Bot Candidates. Perhaps Hasten their time OFF this Planet by giving them some of their OWN VACCINES/ NOT Vaccines. 2 Bonuses, 1] I won’t have to listen to their View of Things, well for a while, until we run out of RE Programming, The RE Programming, the Re programming – COME ON DOWN MAX HEADROOM [or is that D.Trump/ or Boris Johnston Future Bot look [Amazing Sim], & 2] They could inform us as to how TERRIFIC, New Transhumanism is Going. That Virtual $65,000 Bottle of Grange, Bot Laughter & Jokes for Virtual Diodes & Giggles, Bill could bring Relatives, such as his Mother board! That’d BE A HOOT! Perhaps share Silicone Fish & Chips. I Know, Artificial Meat, Bill is ‘Growing’ in his Lab! Sounds VIRTUALISHES TO ME!

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