December 5, 2022

3 thoughts on “Discussion: Bill Gates, mask rights, social media

  1. Another good podcast, thanks chaps. Excellent advice on how not to be a brain-dead covid masketeer.
    Love the description: “…the walking dead going towards the covax slaughter”.

  2. I have attempted to listen several times this morning but the spider seems to have won. I’m going to comment any how.
    Bill Gates buying up massive amounts of farmland and food being used to control and coerce. I’m reposting a comment from “New World Reset: Pillar #1 | FFT”
    I’ll try not to repeat myself for those checking out the members forum.
    Self sufficiency been there done that 20+yrs ago had to start again 5yrs ago and still not there yet. Becoming fully self sufficient takes time. Do we have time?
    What I would like you to think about is how evil are the masters? How deceitful, how manipulative, how cunning do you think they are?
    Will we be eating maggots and beetles or will the bugs be feeding on the corpses of the starved dead?

    Coming back to the question of, do we have time?
    In the 90s I read a dept of defence white paper or something like that regarding fuel reserves. Australia was said to have 3 days of fuel in country. Remember that Australia had a good fuel refinery capability up until the 90s. The issue you may remember came up again more recently and was debated in parliament and the media.

    “At the end of February, Australia had 81 days’ worth of oil supplies, including 25 days of stocks in overseas ports and in transit to Australia.” Angus Taylor MP

    Bullsh@t the government is lying? Do you see the deception in the language. These numbers are manipulated in the same way the COVID death numbers are manipulated.
    You might ask why I’m talking about fuel security and not food security. Australia’s food security is dependant on fuel. So if you take the 1990s 3 days of fuel reserves, food distribution lines are cut after 3 days you see the bigger picture. I also read somewhere the average Australian has 3 days of food in the cupboard, 3 days maybe generous.
    So you tell me, do we have time to become self sufficient?Is food going to be used to coerce?
    The average fit health person can walk 50km in 12hrs having taken in enough energy, think about that. The gov has been running tests re. food distribution over the last 12 months to gauge reactions of the masses. Do you think they have enough data to flick the switch off?

  3. I just got hassled at Officeworks North Ryde, Sydney for not putting on a mask by a KID. I was shamed and vilified with the following “Do you have a mask? its mandatory”,”it is store policy to wear a mask”. “the police come in all the time to check” and my ultimate favourite…”everyone else in here is doing the right thing, you need to do it as well”. This was in front of the whole shop, just as I had finished tallying through $450 worth of stationary for my kids. Meanwhile all the other staff members and shoppers put their head down in shame with their useless masks on. No one said this was going to be easy I guess.

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