September 23, 2023

2 thoughts on “Discussion: Bill Gates, mask rights, social media

  1. Another good podcast, thanks chaps. Excellent advice on how not to be a brain-dead covid masketeer.
    Love the description: “…the walking dead going towards the covax slaughter”.

  2. I just got hassled at Officeworks North Ryde, Sydney for not putting on a mask by a KID. I was shamed and vilified with the following “Do you have a mask? its mandatory”,”it is store policy to wear a mask”. “the police come in all the time to check” and my ultimate favourite…”everyone else in here is doing the right thing, you need to do it as well”. This was in front of the whole shop, just as I had finished tallying through $450 worth of stationary for my kids. Meanwhile all the other staff members and shoppers put their head down in shame with their useless masks on. No one said this was going to be easy I guess.

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