Tracking bracelets floated as quarantine measure

As authorities continue to express anger at Australian citizens breaching COVID-19 restrictions, new methods of enforcement are now being pushed by the establishment.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Michael Kidd, recently appeared on Sunrise to discuss the possibility of ankle and wrist tracking to ensure isolation rules are being met.


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Is this the future for quarantine?
Could COVID-19 measures only just be getting started? Is Australia headed to a future of more intrusion and restriction?

What are your thoughts on this segment?

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1 comments on “Tracking bracelets floated as quarantine measure”

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    Using this word just makes their stupid narrative look even more desperate. The lack of respect I have for these people just gets greater with every passing freeking day. I couldn’t even finish watching their disgusting rhetoric of hatred and hostility against the public. Beyond belief how these people sleep at night.

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