December 1, 2023

6 thoughts on “Trust the TV, trust the experts. They never lie

  1. Hi,anybody who has something to say,or to show is either telling the truth or lying!!.it does not matter who it is ,or how important the person is.It is Truth or Not.

  2. I believe it is more than just a simple statement of “they are either telling the truth or lying”. If that were the case it would be very simple for people to make a determination one way or the other. The real deception to me, is that there is error (lies ) mixed in with a lot of truth and this is what makes people believe that it is all truth when in fact it is error.

    Let’s take an example. If one reads the ingredients that are available in rat poison one will see that it consists of around 99% good and wholesome food and 1% poison. That 1% is sufficient to kill the rat. It is the same with what these TV channels as well as their experts are saying. They are mixing a lot of truth with a percentage of the poison of lies. That is what is attracting a lot if not most of the populace and makes it difficult for them to differentiate between the poison of lies and the truth. By the time they figure it out, if they ever do, just like the rat, they have been had.

  3. MSMedia is Fake News & not only fake news…..When will we ever hear good reports from Australian MSM about President Trump , they just continually mock him ever since 2016 very little good is ever spoken about him ……..same with Australian Bob Katter, and Pauline Hanson….they fail to tell the truth.

    TV Presenters are always promoting actors and singers who have a very reprehensible lifestyle , but demoralize people who support good morals which is, I guess they have sold themselves to the desire to be famous instead of honesty.
    Why do the stations encourage Gambling at a time when people have lost jobs, too many families have been devastated through gambling and so many suicides, I consider it all Blood Money.
    Is there anything good about the TV media today.?

    1. I completely agree with that. I would have also thought also Bob Katter and Pauline Hanson would tell the truth but I think the main reason is because they all favour their political career above everything else. It is the same selfishness that has been, since the beginning of time. Disappointing.

      The fact that people are believing TV actors and singers above Health professionals that are telling it for what it is, is baffling to an extent but when one considers how this is a ritual that was well planned and put in place and executed in perfection, one can understand why they have been deceived. Hollywood, the media and Education System played a great part in it.

      What these actors and leaders and musician and TV presenters, who are more concerned about their fat paychecks rather than the welfare of other suffering Australians , and therefore doing what their masters are demanding, don’t realise, is that there will be a day of reckoning for them. It is indeed blood money and their blood will be required in return on that day. See, just because you followed orders was no excuse to escape the punishment for the genocide you committed under your masters,Nazis Germany, when Nazis Gemany came to an end.

  4. I probably said it wrong, Bob Katter & Pauline Hanson, to me seem to speak up for the people but the TV Media just put them down, we know they are not perfect but they still stand while being mocked on many sides.
    I’m waiting, praying & hoping there will come a conservative man who will be game to speak up loudly and show wisdom and boldness and courage, he will not be frightened by threats of death, he will make no decision out of fear, nor speak up with a desire to please, and will not allow himself to be influenced buy the desire for self publicity, He will stand in flat contradiction to the world and all it’s immoral ways.
    Where is this man.?

    1. Got it. I was rather surprised that you mentionned Pauline Hanson and Bob Katter as being silent too. Although they have been pretty quiet lately and you are probably right that is due to the Media censoring everything they have to say.

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