Compulsory microchips for QLD number plates

The track-and-trace agenda continues with new ’embedded security marks’.

New tracking mechanisms. Photo: 9 News

Queensland has taken another step towards a dystopian technocratic future with the implementation of new microchip technologies, facial recognition and the merger of said data to Federal agencies.

Moving us closer to a biometrically controlled social credit system that’s tied in to every aspect of our lives. By General Maddox […]


Track and Trace:
Embedded Microchips and Facial Recognition


Licence plate numbers have run out in Queensland but ‘huge change’ will keep drivers set until 2045 | 9 News

States continue national facial recognition push | TOTT News

Track and Trace exposés by Real News Australia:

3 comments on “Compulsory microchips for QLD number plates”

  1. Our politicians are not working for the good of our citizens or our Country they are work with the UNITED NATION AGENDA NEW WORLD ORDER and To DEPOPULATIONS

  2. With cop informers dobbers tracking devices will not help Covid 19
    Obvious covid19 is a fraud witchcraft
    Luke 18-25 it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than the rich to get to heaven
    This govt has no respect for any one
    NWO traitors know ye
    It is the Redened who are
    who the saints will just the world 1 Corinthians

  3. The new agenda for the UN , I Imagine they will Tax us on how far we have traveled, and where we are at all times.

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