September 27, 2023

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus, Bushfires and Profiteers | #NewsFix

  1. Well done for tying all these things together, and explaining them so clearly! Notice that little white house starting at 9:34 minutes. The bushfire tore through the roof, but left all the vegetation green & untouched, just like in the California wildfire videos on Youtube, suggesting Directed Energy Weapons were used to target them from high altitude.

    In Britain, they have already started “testing” 600 people a day for the Fake Coronavirus, even if they show no symptoms, have never travelled abroad, and have no contact with foreigners. It will be so easy for them to inject whatever they want while pretending to “test”, and then when the person becomes ill, the government will say “It’s coronavirus”, and impose mass forced vaccinations, injecting people with who knows what? Although you are right to point out the vast profits involved, there is also a more sinister genocidal agenda to this.

    Thank you for putting this interesting news video on here as well as on YouTube, where many people like me have been banned and removed for protesting against the Third World Invasion & Destruction of the West. Notice that the very short “researcher” at 3:49 minutes with her face completely covered appears to be Oriental. I wonder what the profits are for Chinese companies in all this.

  2. Thankyou for your excellent & informative video.

    Unknown to most people btw or Goyim, is that Bill Gates is secretly Jewish btw, which of course is no coincidence. He’s also a Psychopath. In other words, they themselves would never inject into themselves toxic cocktails, as these lunatics view themselves as the chosen ones by their fictitious war-god & they want to keep their breed as pure as possible. The cocktails are only intended for all Goyims, in order to also pollute all other races & tribes etc.

    Vaccines btw, do not boost the immune system on the contrary, they also disable it.

    The psychopaths do indeed rely, especially on the gullible. ‘Fear’ is indeed a powerful weapon in itself, as people will be easier to control & manipulate when being in such a state.

    They are indeed doing everything they can, to keep most of the sheeple distracted & occupied.

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