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UN calls for overhaul of world trade system

The United Nations has called for an international “green deal” and overhaul of the world’s financial order to deliver on the Agenda 2030 plan.

New measures are needed to raise and distribute $2.5 trillion a year to developing countries, says a new UN report, released alongside this week’s climate meeting in New York.



H.V Evatt: The Australian who helped create Israel

The creation of Israel depended heavily on the actions of Herbert ‘Doc’ Evatt – an enigmatic Australian who served as President of the United Nations General Assembly at the time of Israel’s admission to the UN.

Evatt, a former Labor Leader and Attorney-General, would play an instrumental role in the implementation of the nation, after rising to prominence as an architect of the United Nations Charter in 1945.

Member Circle: World Governance | April 2019

Rising out of “perceived necessity” to prevent conflicts following the Second World War, the United Nations has grown to become a behemoth that now mandates the actions of each country on earth, incrementally eroding the concept of national sovereignty.

From energy and water resources, to climate change and gender equality policies, Australia’s national agenda has been heavily influenced by UN principles, and now, is set to help create the perfect world governance structure under Agenda 2030.

What is this plan and where does it lead? Importantly, what does this mean for Australia?

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The UN takeover of Australian society

Since the beginning of the United Nations, Australia has strongly promoted international policies and reforms across a broad range of issues, interlinking an integrated model that is marching towards a system of world governance.

Australia and the UN have a rich history of collaboration and dialogue, and as the turn of the decade approaches, we are now playing a key role in the implementation of the Agenda 2030 plan.

Our citizens, national interests and major industries have been sold out to a corporate-fascist agenda that is unfolding right before our eyes.