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The Australian companies manipulating our weather

Over five decades of weather manipulation in Australia.

ABC exposed: Hurricanes not caused by ‘climate change’

After days of destruction and continued media coverage in Australia, Hurricane Irma has now dissipated in most regions, leaving evacuated citizens from states such as Florida sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic to head home and face monumental cleanups.

In the following opinion piece, Ethan Nash takes a look back at how the ABC has covered the discussion, where climate change fits into the equation, and some of the evidence from government departments refuting claims by the media.

UQ offers free course to ‘combat climate change deniers’

UQ set to introduce course to combat ‘Climate Change’ deniers. Photo: UQ website Listen to Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss UQ’s new proposal on Episode #29 of the Australian Roundtable Podcast on April 26th, 2015 below. Timestamp has already been pre-selected for easy access amongst the range of topics discussed on this episode, including the

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Protesters gather in Brisbane in opposition to geoengineering

Photo: An powerful message demonstrating the effects of Geoengineering. Protesters gathered at King George Square yesterday in opposition to Geoengineering, a global effort by international scientific and government organisations to combat ‘climate change’ by manipulating the environment and weather. A sea of confronting imagery, detailed information and concerned citizens were the center of attention under

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