December 5, 2023

2 thoughts on “Greens want to cap flights, introduce curfews at Brisbane Airport

  1. HAVE, ‘THE GREENS’ Capped Govt., OR, Their ‘Flights’- to ‘Save the Planet’? HAVE, THE Greens Made ‘representations’ to The U.S./NATO/ IS-RAIL to ‘CAP Military Flights’ – Including ‘Drones’ = DID NOT Think SO!
    HopeFully, that the ‘GREENS’, haven’t affected Their GLOBAL Pyjama Party ‘View of Reality’, & Run out of Kleene’X’ ‘Refills’, otherwise ‘E’long Must, will be Disturbed!
    News Flash; APPaRently ‘Local’; Greens Party members, Mis/Dis Engage from ‘SINthetic Supply of ALL’, Give up Petra Chemical DErivatives – Clothes- E tech- Utilities (Power/Water/Gas)- Household Everything Electrical Gadgets- Comms & Net- ToileTrees- CONveyances, & Vehicle Usage, In protest about EVERYTHING! – Forgot to Protest about – JUST BEING!
    Wellness – THE Agenda 21 ‘Trolls’, Escaped from the U.N. – Dark Krystal ‘Reality’!

  2. Meanwhile the elites fly around in their private jets onto their private runways…….and the rest will have to pay huge amounts of money just to visit the relies.

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