December 5, 2023

8 thoughts on “Genetically-modified bananas could soon be approved in Australia

  1. The sad thing is that even if you go organic the GM seeds/pollen can spread. I can and do avoid oils and wheat, and cotton we don’t eat. But when they are already approving GM in baby formula (see Food Standards website) they really don’t care what the consequences in the future maybe. Grow your own for as long as they allow us too, save your heritage seeds. Happy gardening.

  2. The Cavendish was first propagated in the UK in 1834 by Joseph Paxton, employed by Duke William George Spencer Cavendish, 6th Duke of Devonshire, at the family seat, “Chatsworth”, Derbyshire…nowhere near Devon, by the way. The plant was obtained from Mauritius, but the variety originated in Malaya.

    Of interest to Ethan will be the 3rd Earl of Devonshire, also William, who was a founder of The Royal Society, “The Vatican of Scientism.”

    In 2008, with three colleagues, I collected samples of banana varieties on the island of Makira in the Eastern Solomons. This island is renowned for banana diversity, with over 100 varieties. We analysed them for minerals and carotenoids. Several, dark yellow or even orange in colour, were high in pro-vitamin A. We published our findings in the Journal of Food Composition & Analysis in 2010. I recall that around then the QUT team was starting its work on the GM banana, so it has taken a while “to bear fruit.” The point is, there is no necessity to breed GM bananas because of “the imminent demise of the Cavendish.” There already exists wide banana diversity, including varieties more nutritious than the Cavendish.

    1. Wow that is amazing what you have done Graham, so great to know we won’t be without “normal” bananas. Idea would be for farmers and home growers to start collecting these other varieties.

  3. OZtopia, has been a ‘Banana Republic’ for decades – Opair – No (Block chain), ‘AU-Pair’ – No ( Common Govt Lib/Lab Party ‘Duet’), – Opera – No ( Yes prime minister, an AUstralian Doco), ‘Operating’ – YES FinAlly, with the New CONVID# 19 JABS, which Include UNdeclared GMO ‘InGreedients, Now a Realisation of THE Great OZtopian Dream!
    THIS must mean, Mean & Mean ( ALL parameters of the word), That ‘GM Bananas’ ARE Alive & well, on Many levels! GMO- Govt.MutantOperations Inclusive!
    THE ‘Reported Extinction’ Of the Humble banana= WHERE? With over 130 PLUS Countries producing young ‘Cavendish’ – AND, between India & China knocking out about 50 Million Tonnes of the Fruit between them, Yearly – ‘Extinction’? = Must be the ‘Worry’ in CAN’TBERRA, about THE National Republic’s RBA – Reserve Banana Acquisition levels! Lucky Johnny Howard, in the Day, got rid of OUR Gold, to make room for MORE ‘Banana Operations’ ( Not the WW2 Anti UBoat Tactics – ‘OUR’ Subs won’t be ‘HERE’ in Time, & WE haven’t got the ‘Bananas’ to pay for them)! ‘Banana Operations’ – NOT a London Surgeon ‘Performing’ on a Banana via 5G.
    Last; I noticed over the last couple of Years, The CREEP of UNcontrolled GMO products, permeating the landscape. Once had a job – FIFO, N.W. of WestTopia Resources, – Lost Via GruppenFuhrer McGoohan’s Mandate/Not Mandate CONJAB-19 protocols. Eg; – ‘Rape Seed’> Canada Oil>Canola (Only Usage – BioDiesel, Otherwise it’s a Health nightmare on Many fronts). Not that long ago, from air flights, one would maybe see 1 – 5% (maybe) of landscape Dotted with this crap. Now it’s Everywhere – Including The rural Road verges, thru to City Median strips! The ‘GM’ crops are ‘Glyphosate ready’, so there’s the ‘Bonus’ Health Interfacing – Including Allergies, Energy levels & Cancer of Course – Not to Mention, WHAT are they going to ‘Spray’ on the Renegade Round Up ready Plants, to ‘Control them’? = MORE Chems of Course! Previous observations of ‘Food Supplies’ Sourced for Same N.W. Sector Accommodation ‘Dietary Intake’ Stocks , include Import items (Including Canola), from Asia & U.Sers of A. This IS important, because upwards of 75% of The U.Ss 5 Major Crops ARE G.M. – Something, that The U.S. Feed Lots eventually EVEN ‘Rejected’! This ‘Produce’ was then sent to Africa as U.S.AID (Rejected by Some African nations as well, even as ‘AID’). Note; Main G.M Laboratories in Euro/U.S., DO NOT eat G.M foods in their On Site Canteens/Restaurants – Organic only! = That’s CONfidence!

    1. The Greens are severely compromised by BigTech and BigPharma. They are into carbon capture via technology that pumps it into the earth, LOL, and they are vehement defenders of forced vaccination.

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