September 27, 2023

8 thoughts on “Sound of Freedom movie is coming to Australia

  1. So many children go missing and where do they end up? Glad to see this film will be shown in Australia.

  2. I know that any awareness to the problem we face is a positive. However, they have all the surveillance and tracking technology to have stopped child trafficking years ago. The child trafficking is revealed but no one ever gets prosecuted.

    You know “they” fund both sides. Look up who bankrolled this movie. Could it be controlled opposition to keep us distracted to the jab injuries, the rollout of the smart cities infrastructure, digital ID’s and CBDC’s?
    Nothing gets this much publicity if “they” don’t want us to see.
    Problem. Reaction. Solution

    Will “they” push the micro chipping of children to keep them “safe” in the aftermath of this movie? Actually, there will be no need to “chip” children. They only need to convince parents in fear for their child being trafficked, to the total surveillance and tracking of their child “to keep them safe”. The data collected, not only will become part of their “digital twin/ID”, but also “they” will use this data to train AI.

    It’s the children who they are after for the 4th Industrial Revolution. The data collected fed into their digital ID will then be used along with the CBDCs to allow or turn off access to everything. eslavery is replacing debt slavery.

    I do hope the movie will awaken more people to the agenda and evil. I live in hope.

    1. Indeed, important insights from Maria. Yes, I have heard that the film focuses on local S American et al cartels as the main perps in child trafficking, whereas in reality it is “Western” governments, supplying children for the disgusting “global elites” (or the “global-parasites”, my usual, more descriptive term for these entities)…if true, this means the film would represent “a limited hangout”. Nevertheless, I will be seeing it at its SA premiere at the Regal Theatre, Kensington on 24th August, which will coincide with a fundraiser for three dedicated freedom fighters with actions pending against opaque, WEF/UN-linked Councils in SA.

      And in any case, I liked Jim Caviezel’s character in “The Thin Red Line”, one of my favourite films.

      1. I remain sceptical. Do look into your funded the movie. Our attentions are diverted only to the child trafficking and “they” provide the hero. Meanwhile the infrastructure for our eslavery continues unabated and now the orchestrated food shortages begin. The parasites who run the world want to own it all, and they are very clever with human psychology. Nothing new under the sun.

  3. I can’t believe there is any support for this movie.

    The slightest rudimentary search reveals more than enough stench to realise that this is not what you think it is.

    Actually, I can believe the support. Sorry, I forgot that stupid people make up the majority of the population.

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