June 6, 2023

8 thoughts on “RSV vaccine declared ‘safe and effective’ for pregnant women

  1. Is there any information on what type of vaccine this is? They haven’t said, “is this a normal vaccine” or is it mRNA? Would like to know, just out of curiosity.

  2. Deliberately create a scenario where the numbers of increased cases happen first, create fear, then create a vaccine, now people are getting lied to constantly. So tragic that babies are bombared with toxic poisons which set them up for life long health issues. Notice how they are using the same terms “protects against severe infection” in otherwords it does not protect you from getting it in the first place. The more poison you put in your body the more likely you lower your immune system. My son never had any vaccines or medications (except homeopathy), and he never gets even a sniffle, he is an adult now, and I am amazed he does not know what it is like to even have a cold.

    1. Yes I remember my grandson as a baby getting bronchiolitis straight after the MMR vax and ending up in hospital. The horrors of putting all these poisons into young children is never ending. The sad thing is propaganda over the years has convinced parents their children will get sick if they don’t take them. The fact they are often getting sick afterwards doesn’t seem to register.

  3. Anyone who falls for Harma’s “Safe and effective” mantra after the nonsense of the last three years…no, I shouldn’t be too harsh. No vaxxes do any good, all carry risks to your health, and the quax is the daddy of them all.

  4. IS this ‘Fitting IN’ with the last 30 – 40 Years of Lack of Research & actual Efficacy on MOST ‘JABS’ (CONJAB Not Inclusive, because even the ‘Manufacturers in their OWN ORIGINAL SDS said that the ‘CONJABS’ were NOT ‘Safe’, & even for ‘Drones’, Jabs & ‘Boosters’ needing a ‘Top Up’ every 2-6 Months, DO NOT seem very ‘Effective’! Oh, & on same SDSs, listed ‘Side Effects; Rashes/Nausea/Fainting, Shingles/Neurological issues/Seizures/ Myo-PeriCarditis, Heart attack, Stroke, AutoImmunoDificiencySyndrome [Yes Folks that’s AIDS, & what happens when ‘JABS especially U.S. Dept of Defence BioWarfare ‘Products’ {Refered by said DOD as a ‘Counter Measure’. So WHY is the U.S.A Dept of Defence in ‘Charge’ of the CONVID ‘Program & Research’ instead of the U.S. NIH or CDC?= That’s WHAT ‘BioWarfare’ is all about – Along with some ‘JAB WetWare’ Help from DARPA – Got an Apple Mac I.P. address ‘On/In You??) Back > Multi ‘JABS’ Trash Your ‘T’ Cells – Part of your Natural biological Immune Defence System, up to 1200 different Adverse reactions including SIDS/SADS, DEATH! +Safe & Effective & ExperiMENTAL!! SDS – Safety Data Sheet).
    YES – CORRECT; PROBLEM (Apparently) REACTION (When it suits ‘Them’ = C.O.M.I.C.) SOLUTION- OH YES! ‘WE’ just ‘Magically have ‘IT’ to hand = FUC*ING AMAZING – STILL!
    Per the Biblical Seed Dispenser, Only 25% falls on ‘Fertile Ground’, That leaves, in Australia, approx 19.5 Million Citizens on the MSM Sliding Scale Drone Factor Train, who after Multiple attempts by Govt collaborative Circus World on Multiple Viral terror Campaigns, who STILL just don’t ‘Get it’, & want to take the next generation down the pHARMa path of Never ending ILLNESS!!!
    Good News Week! “Someone’s dropped a Bomb somewhere’ – Hedgehoppers -Things haven’t changed since 1965. No, in CONsideration of CONJAB-19 ‘Mythical Beastie’, & the Prevalence of Never ending ‘NEW Disease’ (WHERE were these ‘MIS/DISeases’ previously, and NOW ‘Magically rolling up ‘ON CUE, & DEMAND’ – & an Appropriate VAXX already ‘HANDy to ARMy’), in NON collaboration by Globalists, apparently’, the exacerbations on Food production globally, including 100’s of Food processing & Protein associated Animal stocks, either burning down, being Contaminated or now ‘Mysteriously Infected’? – Tests by the Now TOTALLY REVEALED FRAUDULENT RT-PCR [1] ‘Test Regime’, SAY IT ALL!
    What’s Next, apart from SWINDLE CO2 you ask? Weeellll. H5N1. The NEO Bird Virus ‘Specifically created’ for another PLANdemic infections of Human & Bird flocks (Including ‘Protein food stocks’) Globally, & ‘Designed’ to ‘Infect Migrating Birdlife’, & using them as ‘Natural Deployment Platforms’! Jester, take it away!;
    Please Note Date; Mar 29, 2013 (CIDRAP News) – A group of scientists acting under the aegis of a vaccine research advocacy organization has asked President Obama’s bioethics committee to evaluate the ethics of experiments designed to increase the transmissibility of H5N1 avian influenza viruses.
    Controversy over H5N1 research erupted in late 2011 when two groups of flu researchers revealed plans to publish studies involving lab-modified H5N1 viruses that could spread by air among ferrets. The NSABB objected to publishing the full details of the studies, but after a series of discussions, clarifications, and revisions, the two papers were published in May and June 2012. The studies were led by Ron Fouchier, PhD, of Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands, and Yoshihiro Kawaoka = Experimental infection of Cynomolgus Macaques with highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza virus through the aerosol route(2005 – 2011), NOTE WELL; “Here, we performed the experimental infection of NHPs with a highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza virus via the aerosol route and demonstrated that aerosol infection had no effect on clinical outcome, but caused broader infection throughout all of the lobes of the lung compared with a non-aerosolized approach. Aerosol infection therefore represents an option for inoculation of NHPs in future studies” Young Mr Y Kawoaka, along with others in ‘PathoBiological (Or PathoLogical) Science has been ‘Busy’ – Base research- Influenza virus – molecular mechanism of interspecies transmission of the virus leading to influenza pandemics in humans; molecular pathogenesis of influenza in poultry and mammals. Ebola virus – role of viral proteins in pathogenesis and viral replication. + And THIS as they say, is what’s probably Coming down the Pike! Ready thyself (& your Animals – Food derivitive as well) for a raft of ‘New CONvenient’ JABS, probably PRE Programmed by an ‘Incident’ & MSM Standard ‘Pissing in the 75%ers Ears!’
    Some Further ‘Retro Crap’!;Feb- Mar/2012 (11 YEARS ago!); More gain-of-function studies on H5N1 and other viruses are on the way. A Chinese group is working with H5N1, and a Dutch group is expanding its H5N1 studies to include work with the H7N7 avian flu virus and has plans for similar research with the SARS coronavirus. Also, German scientists recently did experiments to see what it would take for canine distemper virus to spread from dogs to humans!. ZE RUFF RUFF BABY! You’ve just acquired MIS/DIStemper & a side order of Tyre Rage!
    Retro Testers Still being Swindled on the Public – ER, Sorry! Now they’ve got R.A.T.S Testing ( stands for. Really Another Test Scam PLUS $s). Original RT-PCR test rolled Max 28 Cycles. Australian ‘Authorities Rolled 40-45 Cycles [This was protested by original ‘Developer’ & Noted that RT-PCR test systems were for LABORATORY ONLY tests, & NOT stand alone Diagnosis of ‘Disease’!}, which ‘Picked Up EVERYTHING’. Good News; Once CONVID Jabbed, The Medics ‘Dropped’ the Cycle rate to 25 Cycles = “Yer Clear Mate! officially; “Thank God for those Jabs & Lowered Stats on THE ‘Vaxxed’!” Covered by MSM of Course, with Much Fanfare! = FRAUD!
    [1] RT-PCR test kits, for those NOT aware. Registered DEDICATED COVID-19 [Year of apparent Recognition of SARS CoV-2 ( & NOT ‘Novel’ as made out- 2019 – Certainly since U.S. Dept of Defence with others had been playing about with Coronavirus since the Mid/Late 1980’s – Documented] TEST KITS. Registration; R Rothschild U.K./ dedicated Product tracking systems # via WITS – IMF/World Bank Integrated Tracking Systems #300215. Bulk exports Globally in 2017/18 including N.Z & Australia – Great, for a Disease not showing up to the party until Late 2019>2020 = Thank you EVENT 201, for the ‘Early PLANdemic’ Heads Up!
    Last; How can I emigrate to a third world Country, instead of the 2nd World Country I live in – Southern PNG, where I/WE are Never endingly ‘PAYING’ for 1st World Services, but end up with the Gangster Cabal currently DIS/MISmanaging everything they are Involved in – Except pHARMa rollouts & Military acquisition of Course! VERY DILL-AGENT on these! A lot of African Nations didn’t Enforce Mandates, Lock Downs & Jabs, & apparently don’t seem to have acquired Huge #s of Dead or diseased, Nor the HUGE Ill health ‘Fallouts’ = MUST BE LUCK! They’ll be ‘Saved’ by NON rollout of this RSV crap – At a Guess, I’m betting! LOL.
    Last/Last; I happened upon an article the other day, ‘Showing’ locational ways of ‘Jabbing a Baby’ with 5 to 7 ‘Shots’ at one Time! I’m afraid I’d have to have a ‘Severe Chat’ with ANY medic who’d even Contemplate this CRIME Against Humanity & Criminal Abuse of a Defenceless Human. AND, ‘Who’ comes up with ‘This?’ DOES anyone really Not get, why Consecutive Developed (LOL) Nations Generations are SOOo Unhealthy & have Neurological & Physical ailments ‘Damages’? – COINcidence, AGAIN!
    Then again, going by ‘Rules of Engagement’ under CONVID # Something, perhaps these ‘Medics’ (loose Term), actually missed their Calling as active AZOV battalion Personnel or Einsatzgruppen units!
    Wellness – Of Course!

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