December 7, 2023

7 thoughts on “Decades after being born, this IUI generation confronts ‘fertility fraud’

  1. Really makes me sad that so many have gone down the IVF road, what a money making machine. I understand people are having trouble conceiving but there are others ways, like getting yourself healthy, not being stressed, herbal and homeopathy remedies and stopping using chemicals that may be hindering conceiving. Doctors are really playing God now. It all leads to total control from birth to death. Who would have thought that a TV show would highlight the benefits of IVF to the masses which is showing on Channel 9 atm. I cannot watch it.

  2. Human beings really opened Pandora’s Box when they started going down the IVF road. There’s some things you should just leave to nature and not try and be God ourselves. Never mind that IVF technology often creates many new embryoes. What happens to them? The medical butchers and psychopaths created a monster with this, and then of course, the next step became cloning.

  3. ‘Nature’ invariably KNOWS BEST! No ‘Fertility’, whether Broad spectrum Stress orientated, Sperm potency reductions OR Ova issues via Enviro Toxins/Radiations or Life style choices & a plethora of UN-natural (Yes them as well) reasons , NATURE steps in to ‘Cure’ the ‘issue’, & prevention of passing on the ‘Anatomical AnomoLIES’ to the Next Generation! It appears ONLY HU-mans have an ‘issue’ with Natures Engagements & Blocks!
    IVF, The ‘ART’, IS, on the List of Global swindles! AND, if a Child> Adult is ‘Healthy/ SAFE & Socially Stable’, what IS their over riding desire to become upset, if they find that their ‘Creator’ (Either ‘Parent’) is Not who they think they are? Do they NOT, have any other ‘LIFE Priorities’ happening? OR, Magically do they become a ‘Latent’ Social Leper? Becoming, The Cycle of Self Manufacturing Stress, just like mRNA ‘Jabs’ Wet Ware – Self replicating = Oxymoronic per this issue of NON replication = The Court jester was Amused, Whilst strumming His/Her/They – ‘Singular’, 5G WiFi Modem – No apologies Forthcoming from H/H/They – ‘S’s white Hetrosexual Multi Coloured Tights-Cap & Bells, all the while, Waltzing the Labor-Oratory two-step!
    Last; AMAZING! A Poxy Bottle of beer (& other alcohol), carries a ‘Warning’ per Alcohol.- Drink wise.Org; Quote; ‘Alcohol can cause Lifelong harm to your Baby’. BUT, Those CONVID ‘Jabs’ are PERFECTLY Fine Mate/Missus! (Even AGAINST pHARMa’s OWN Safety Warning recommendation Info.- Along with the Increased Govt/Illness Depts Autism rates & Allergic records for Kids, Pro Rata to All ‘Required Jabs’! [Where’s the PROOF of ‘Requirement for PROPER HEALTH’/ ANY Benefit then??].)

  4. OMG, Ethan, what next? I suppose if Brave New World comes to its [sterile] fruition, these God-playing doctors will have to stop their little game. I suppose they consider they are “superfit” in a Darwinian sense because they have produced many more offspring than other males.

    And with the poison jabaroo wreaking havoc with human fertility, there will be even more opportunity for these “generous donors” to spread themselves around.

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