June 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “CARTOON: The Fluoride Scam

  1. Fluoride is a by product of a poison industry that did not want to pay to get rid of it so they sold it instead to make more money in an evil way. I use an Ultracerum filter to get it out of my drinking water. Not many filters will do that, so do some research before buying your filter systems. I use a Filteroo countertop ceramic drip filter with the Ultracerum. but if you own your own home, inline is a good investment for your health.

  2. I use a Big Berkie Carbon and Fluoridation Filter to get rid of all heavy metal contaminants and I totally agree with Lin’s comment above. Its a toxic waste by-product of Fertiliser companies. Its not even medical grade fluoride – just toxic waste bought by your council from such companies in Geelong or China and dumped into your water supply. Soilent Green. Merry XMAS TOTT NEWS Another Huuuge year of shining light on darkness!

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