October 2, 2023

3 thoughts on “Discussion: ‘Died Suddenly’, Smart City Olympics, Dictator Dan

  1. Listening to your podcast. Thank you.

    Re the Vic election:

    Just want to clarify something for you guys. In Mulgrave we had Aidan McLindon from the Freedom Party Victoria work his butt off for months with many volunteers. Ian Cooke ( Slug gate scandal) put in hundreds of thousand for his campaign. The Mulgrave people hate Dan Andrews as do many Victorians who worked at polling booths against incredible odds.

    In the West I personally had up to 12 Socialists daily and 8-10 labour people brainwashing people to vote for them. I was vilified, attacked and bullied continually for 12 days. I kept it up and came out with 2.2% of the vote which was ok for a total rookie who hates politics and is only here to protect her family’s future and the future of our kids in Australia.

    When the ballot was drawn Andrews was #1 and Aidan #14 – all set up for the donkey vote. Nah definitely not rigged!

    A recount was done and this is what was found by one of the scrutineers on the recount
    “Left scrutineering at Mulgrave.
    1000’s of vote to Aidan were deemed informal because they either didn’t fill in all the numbers, only put a 1 or a tick against Aidan or the best ones, numbered them but against Andrews they put FU or equivalent.
    In Andrews votes. One pile 18 out of 50 were Donkey votes
    Also an unbelievable amount of Ian Cooks votes went to Dan because of the preferencing Dan second.
    Informal votes mainly consisted of Aidan’s then Michael’s, then Ian’s. True informal (nothing filled) was around 30% of the informal votes. 70% were fuck ups by voters and FA were Andrews.
    I now am confident the stupidity of Victorian’s gave Dan his seat back.”

    So we have here a situation where the Freedom Party led by Morgan C Jonas ( MCJ Report) and his deputy Aidan grew a movement in Victoria ( which I have been part of ) where on the 26th December we had 75 names across ballots in Victoria.
    We ended up with 90,000 votes.

    Do we give up and leave Victoria to go to sunny Queensland or stay and fight? I thought seriously about it but we are part of a Freedom movement and we need to hold our ground here on Ground Zero.
    Need your help and support guys.

  2. Good one, General and Andy. Sorry to hear that “olketa long PNG” fell for the coraonahoax/quax, Andy, resulting in “many deaths”.

    You blokes had me scurrying back to watch parts of “Died Suddenly”, which I thought was rather good. I still think it is genuine, rather than a psyop. John O’Looney, whom you have had on GKPs, appears several times, incl from ca 1hr in, with “This is WW3, a spiritual war of good v evil. If we don’t rally, these monsters will destroy humanity.” No truer words were spoken. OK, we can suggest that those ostensibly “on our side” who still say (or pretend) that there actually was a “pandemic” and a “novel virus” are “controlled opposition” (and Kennedy, McCulluogh, Malone, Bigtree et al are in this boat), but they have still done a lot of good and have much to offer. The antidote to this is to read “The Death of Germ Theory” (or similar title…I don’t want to risk losing my place here by checking) by Steve Falconer, and “A Farewell to Virology” by Dr Mark Bailey. This is available free on the Baileys’ website: http://www.drsambailey.com

    As The General stated eloquently: “They haven’t isolated a virus…they haven’t got jack shit!”

    If you read these and still believe in contagion, etc, you had better go out and submit to nasal rape followed by the fake covid PCR test. Just joking…I could have said “Go get quaxxed”, but I would not suggest this to any real person…only to the perps of this atrocity and their ardent shills.

    Which segues into your mention of the unexpected death of Kary Mullis in August 2019, which I often mention in my talks. He was a fit surfer in his early 70s, who supposedly died of “pneumonia”…yeah, right. And they pulled off a similar stunt with the filmmaker Aaron Russo (which you mentioned late in the podcast), who supposedly died of cancer soon after the release of his revealing film (which is still on the www), titled something like” America: descent into fascism [or tyranny]”. Yes, the disgusting Nicholas Rockefeller stated (wrt “the human cattle”) to Russo in the late 1990s: “We’re gonna chip ’em!” And here we are.

    And this leads into the discussion on China’s idiot lockdowns. We need to realise that the CCP is not an entity that exists outside of the global control framework. The Rothschilds/Rockefellers et al financed the rise of Mao in the 1930s/40s, and have controlled the CCP ever since. They have used China as a beta-testing ground for the control of all humanity. Nick Rockefeller used to (perhaps still does) make frequent trips to China. So Xi imposes draconian “covid” measures at the behest of the global-parasites…it is as simple as that.

    Then we conclude with the Victorian “election”, which, again, is easily explained once we realise that our “elections” in Australia are about as clean and honest as those in the USA these days. And even with all of the fraud, Andrews’s corrupt outfit garnered only ca 35% of the totalprimary vote…but that is all that is needed to retain power under this system. And we can also add these features to the mix: a Liberal “Opposition” leader so weak that he has to be a plant to facilitate the KJD Andrews win, and a large proportion of the populace which is demoralised and suffering from quax-induced brain fog, which has manifested, inter alia, in the form of mass Stockholm syndrome…and KJD easily gets re-elected, regardless of his wrecking of the State of Victoria and multiple personal misdemeanours…or seemingly BECAUSE of this! Go figure…

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