November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “More fines issued over antigen tests sold in Australia

  1. Why would anyone waste their money on these ridiculous ‘tests’, a cheaper alternative (with the same accuracy mind you) would be to flip a coin; heads = positive, tails = negative!

  2. Nathan’s right…they are all fraudulent…none of them test for any viruses. Perhaps the TGA could do something really useful and ban the lot of them. And at the same time ban the deadly quax.

  3. $100k fine for a company that makes billions off faulty products is like a $1 fine for the average Australian. These criminals need to be shut down, not fined.

  4. SHIT! You wouldn’t want ANOTHER FRAUDULENT ‘Test System’, to go into Competition with the Previous set of FRAUDULENT Test Systems! Didn’t the New Crew, ‘Pay’ enough to get their ‘Product Accepted?’ & I hope their ‘Inventor’ of the NEW Systems, doesn’t have an U.N.timely Death, like the RT-PCR inventor!
    THE TGA, operates on a ‘User Pays’ System. Which means that it, The TGA, is 100% OWNED by the Chemical Giants/Pharma. Which are a small part of COMIC – Corporate Organised Military Industrial Complex.
    Who’s sending a ‘Fine’ to the TGA Cabal, on Repeated ‘Lack of Safety Info & PROPER TRIAL PROTOCOLS & Associated Stats’ on, for a Start, ALL the CON JOB 19 (- WHERE is it?) POISON Jabs?? It must be AN ‘Acknowledged Poison’ -TGA APPROVED (Tag ‘Emergency’ is IRRELEVENT TO SAFETY), because ‘THEY’ (COVID JABS) ARE Described as such on the West Australian Government’s OWN Home Page! – A ‘Poison’.
    For TGA, AND DOHDGEY Institutes – PAID for or Not by Corporate PHARMa;In Plain English;
    Poison – Definition; ‘A, or, Any substance, Natural or Synthetic that causes illness, Harm or Death, to Bloods, Living tissues, Organs, Cells or DNA, via ingestion, Inhalation, absorbed or Injected thru the skin, in sufficient quantities.’
    Shit! I guess that’s a major proportion of TGA ‘Approved Products’! How we doing on the latest Fauci driven Coup de Grace product Remdesivir (Veklury) – Continuing ‘Treatment’ to ‘Clean Up’ what the CON JOB 19 ‘Boosters’ Missed! Er sorry, where are My manners? Aforementioned Remdesivir is ‘Provisionally registered’ with the TGA. Note on ‘Drug Guidelines’; An interesting Read on TGA site of ANOTHER ‘Wonder Drug’ proven in Trials to simply FUCK UP peoples Organs – Even if previously ‘Healthy’! ‘Drug Class & mechanism of Action’; – HOORAH! Apparently SOMEONE, HAS ‘Scientifically, Independently Isolated, Sterilized & Positively Identified SARS CoV-2 as ‘NEW DISEASE’! Other Comedy in Guidelines; ‘Approved indications’, ‘Contraindications & precautions’, and My Fav- recommendations per usage for- ‘Pregnancy & Breastfeeding’. – JUST FUCKING WOULD ANYONE!’
    Apologies for usage of a Descriptive adjective! I’ll fine myself immediately! – Twice. I’m My own best Watchdog!
    In the Brave New world of New World ‘Ordered’ Dial A Pox, it appears the Monkeys have already been let loose with a Business Agenda & Briefcases of their own!
    Corporate ‘Fines’ are Part of a 1 act Play. The Corporations Pass these on down the line into the Abyss of ‘Operational Costs’ – And that’s IF, they even Pay these!
    WOKESville, previously tried to warn us – the endless remakes of ‘Planet of the Apes’.
    “Hey Hey we’re the Monkees,
    & people say we Monkey around,
    But We’re too busy Syringing,
    To put everyone in the Ground.”

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