December 7, 2023

14 thoughts on “Australian states begin monkeypox vaccine rollout

  1. Strange, how we are having all these diseases happen at once. Covid still going, now Monkeypox, possible foot and mouth in stock animals, Verroa mite has come in mysteriously. What will it be next? looks like a lot of things that could effect the food chain. By accident or design? All this hype all of a sudden and they just happen to have the vaccines ready to go, wouldn’t you know it. After gay men etc, it will be that everyone needs the Monkeypox vaccine. More Government push to have the boosters for Covid as well. All sounds very planned to me. The WEF and others really pushing forward with their agenda. Noticed a lot of talk too about the digital ID and digital currency in the mainstream as well, not that I watch that, but occasionally, just to see how stupid they are getting. We need to keep pushing back otherwise it is the end of freedom for humanity. I can’t believe the insanity that has occurred on this planet. It just keeps getting more insane every week.

    1. Exactly! Well said. The best thing to do is just ignore it as much as possible and get on with living without fear, as we were before. You can almost predict what will be next, but we must keep up the fight and push back. You have more chance of getting killed in numerous other ways. Fear of disease is ignorance of our own immune system that need to be fed well.

    2. True, Jan, indicative of a world “run” by satanists. How about the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony?

    1. Good one, Mara. Now we know why ANthony ALbanese was made (note: I did not say “elected”) PM.

  2. Who’s actually ‘GOT’ a ‘TEST’ for Monkey Pox, Where has it ‘Magically’ appeared/come from (Please don’t tell me King Monkey has escaped from ‘Monkey Magic’)? Or is IT done nowadays, like CON JOB 19, THE ‘God Science approach’ = Spin a Pharma provided Chocolate wheel, wee on a Hamster & Bash a Black cat in a wicker basket?
    “Excuse me Mrs Jones, I’ll just need to confer with a Specialist in the next room, on your Test results.” Next door behind a curtain > Whoosh > ticka Ticka Ticka = “Ah!”
    Wiss, Wiss, Wiss & Whip – MEEOWW!
    “Yes Mrs Jones, after INSULTING with the Specialist, we Concur that you have the rare Monkeypox strain called WankerArmusNonKiller! Resting & a baseline Regime of Vitamins would Knock this over, but at the Behest of Big Pharma Turnover, & modelling (Again) by the Australian Dohedgy Institute, we recommend a Hospital stay to drain your Private Medical Fund, A veritable Feast of Drugs. Yummy, look at ALL of those Variable colours in that webster pack! And SO, when WE have Dashed All Hope of A return to Normal health, given you the Experience of our Hospital Cardboard lean Cuisine, bankrupted your Full Medical ‘drawdown’, we’ll get our ‘Coup de Grace’ specialist team to look in on you & provide you with our Latest Flatline Chemical Cocktail, the Infamous RenderYouSevere! Guaranteed TGA approved and a TOTAL Finale to you Residual health within 2 weeks!”
    Mrs Jones; “Um, sorry Doctor! I’ve only come in to get some relief from Period Pain!”
    Doctor; “GET OUT! Wasting good Hamster hygiene! This is NOT the Dark ages! O.K., I recommend a course of Leeches! So, you Don’t want the MonkeyPox Jab then? Pay on the way out. AU$70 x 2 for the 10 Minutes, AU $500 for Specialist Consultation & AU$500 for CAT scan. & AU$15 for the Pain Caplets. NEXT!”
    WHERE IS IT? HOW, do THEY, ‘KNOW’ what IT, IS??

      1. Jingle; “Doctor, Doctor, give Me the News,
        I’ve got a Bad case of Menstrual Blues!”
        Doctor; “AH! Mrs Jones, you’re back again for a Retake on the New Llama Pox Jab? We @ AMA in co operation with the PHARMa/ TheirGov health, are winding our way down the Alphabet, & rebadging THE Jabs with a replacement ‘Sticker’ as we speak! We can offer an initial Jab Plus a Booster, all ready in 1 hit with our Veterinary borrowed Horse Syringe!”
        Mrs Jones; “Um, what happened to Monkey Pox?”
        Doctor; “YESTERDAYS NEWS Mrs Smith, er Jones! You can have complete confidence, that we never Miss any financial opportunity to Misdiagnose people or give them the Wrong Prescriptions, leading to an untimely Mortal demise! Those 18,000 Folks in Australia EVERY Year, who Actually perished from OUR ‘Treatments’, before CoNVID, were all RARE cases! WE’ird, or is that We Erred? Moving Forward, Mrs Jones, While we were talking, ‘Pox’ has Magically Morphed on to the letter – Er excuse me, just have to pop next door!
        (Whoosh! Ticka ticka Ticka – AH!)
        Apologies- Just had to check progress on our Google Sponsored SMC pHARMa/ AMA Science Database! We ‘re up to N pox, a little like N for Novel (nCoV – still not ‘Found’). YES! These New Diseases seem to be created out of Nowhere, – Er APPEAR out of Nowhere! GOD DAMN, This week, the pHARMa Chockie wheel stopped on ‘N’, Now it’s the GNP!! Sorry! Didn’t want to frighten you! That’s not Gross National Products – we DON’T have ANY! LOL! , but it’s THE far more relevant Global Newt Pox! This is a real Special Deal! With our ReBadgered deal, & newts in mind, if you happen to have a Limb trauma, AFTER your Jab, this has the added benefit, SAFE & EFFECTIVE (if your a newt) of Repairing itself!! OR, just growing back! Do you want me to confer with the
        ‘Specialist’ next door for a 2nd opinion?”
        Mrs Jones; NO, I think your last Bill on Specialists was equivalent to the GNP (Gouging Normal Pricing)! No, sorry Doctor, I’ve come about your last suggestion to change my period products, to your New recommended Sanitary pads. The New COLLeeN Sanitary pads containing Graphene ANION(Nobel prize winner 2010 in Physics), & available thru AMAZING, sorry AMAZON, according to Their information, are Certified by IAS & IAF (Member of Multilayered Recognition ‘Arrangement’ – sorry, that’s Multilateral), & certificate Number with ‘AFIST’. NOT on my Nellie- Duff’d or Not!”
        Doctor; “So WHAT’S appears to be the problem Mrs Jones?”
        Mrs Jones; “WATTS EXACTLY! I, after experimentation, took said ‘Graphene’ matted pad, dry, & had no irritations. BUT, upon ‘Wetting’ of said pad, noticed a ‘Tingling’ in my Nether regions ( Note; NO extra Curricula Devices or Washing Machine interactivity during experimentation). Feeling ‘Put out’, I repeated the Experiment, several times with ‘Replacement items’ for a Median result!”
        Doctor;” Well was it some form of Toxic Shock?”
        Mrs Jones; “Well it wasn’t enough to get rid of My Hair straightener, but wetting the extricated Graphene mesh & placing a 12 Watt LED light bulb, was enough juice to Definitively ‘Tickle IT’s fancy!’ I haven’t had to turn a light switch on since! I strip out the Graphene mesh, drop it in a cup of water and place the light bulb on top – HOORAH! Good News doctor, I’ve got several Black rescue cats living with me now, just for an inhouse professional atmosphere!
        Serious, check the Colleen ‘Graphene’ Menstrual pads for ‘Electric shocks’ or tingling – when ‘wet’! Maybe it’s another Stealth way of ‘Checking’ Ross River vaginus/ virus! Product details;
        A SIN; BOB7KGP8CD. Item part #; G330-30. Reetta Hygiene. date 1st available; 28 Mar 2022 –
        From AMAZING – 1 Distributor TO SUPPLY THEM ALL!
        Wellness Ladies. – ‘Ladies’? The U.N’s sending him straight to P.C. HELL for that ‘Sexist Reference!’

    1. THE Monkey Speaks, in Defence of itself & Wicker basket Dwellers;
      “Never ending ‘MONEY’ Pox! The ‘Price IS right! COME ON DOWN! So say the REAL knuckle draggers.”
      Acronym; MONEY; Manipulated Organised Networked Exploited Yin-yang.
      Wellness as always, & spare the ‘CAT’ lashings – ARGH! It’s a CRIME when Pirates DO IT, But it’s ‘JUSTICE’ when THE ‘System’ Enforces IT!
      Australian Slant; “50 LASHES I SAY!” – Said the Beak, Wig & Cap to 1 Side, Synthetic Debonair & a Swagger in his Dialect, Cheeks Flushed – “Give us an Ale, & a Rum Chaser ‘An ALL! That’ll GET THIS LOT’S ATTENTION, FOR CRIMINAL DETENTION!” = BAU!
      Who’s been a MONKEY Ops Govt., since 1975?

    1. Exactly Veri! Add to that chemical overload, heavy metal accumulation in the body, and the mental anguish that MSM continue to spew out nightly to keep everyone living in fear and stressed out!

      Thanks for link, long video but well worth it if you need the explanation, wish more would see it.

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