Are YOU better off now than two years ago? | Podcast

After two years of living through the largest psychological operation in history, how many of us have taken time to reflect back on how we feel personally?

Are YOU happier now than you were before this pandemic began? What have we learned through this experience?
Is it possible to be better off, despite a bombardment of change?
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On this special podcast, Ethan was on the panel for John le Bon‘s 3/11 Spectacular Megacall, to reflect back on the past two years with free thinkers from across the world.

A whole range of topics were discussed, including the beginning days of the coronavirus saga, the changing metascript, personal evolution through revelation, initiation and sync, transformation and more.



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2 comments on “Are YOU better off now than two years ago? | Podcast”

  1. That was good to hear so many versions of experiences from all over the place. Certain aspects of life have improved from a spiritual and gratitude point of view for me personally, but in general I find myself less tolerant, easily triggered or activated when encountering normies, which in turn makes me want to just avoid interactions even though I don’t mind a clash to keep me on my toes, such dichotomy!
    I have really struggled with all family members getting quaxxed, I feel I have let them down by not being more vocal but then I get told I come across as aggressive when I am trying to make them see. The reality from my POV is I have passion for truth and survival and that is at the core of my animation.

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