December 5, 2023

3 thoughts on “Meet the “Mad Scientists”: How the U.S. Military Openly Discusses Genetically Weaponising Disease

  1. There is a myth in the world, along with Unicorns and Santa. That being, we would not develop technologies if it were not for war. I counter that the reason we have not had such public success in modern medicine is that we are 100% profit based, and the main stakeholders are organisations that stand to capitalise off illness war and death. Even the Eugenicists and cracking the knuckles on this one.. imagine being able to target anyone who was not blond and blue eyed ? That is the crossroad we stand on right now. Worse, is the number of pathogens deliberately released on us in so called “Experiments” be it bacteria or moulds or hybrid organisms like Morgellons that no one wants to acknowledge. Im tired of the war military complex and the capitalists running the world. They are ruining the world not running it.

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