October 2, 2023

4 thoughts on “Infecting the World: A Brief History of Virus Lab Leaks

  1. With respect. I get all this wonderful news I am sure you work very hard at. So much from many. but who is actually DOING ANYTHING ? It is like we are just watching the emperor walking past in his wonderful new clothes Everyone saying OOH AH , and idly chattering. While actually doing sweet bugger all..
    I do not see ant marches or rallies in Mackay.. Am I missing something ?
    Most younger family people do not seem to even want to talk about it. Those I know who do know are just thinking it is not going to change anything. It seems to me, every day the noose is getting tighter.
    If action does not take place, we are going to end up just where the NWO planners want us. That is if we survive their Plandemic. Do you know of people in the Mackay area who are interested about DOING anything ?
    Thank you. Leigh-Anne.

    1. Fair comment, Leigh-Anne. Mass non-compliance with the idiot govt covid diktats is the key. I am trying to do something. After being locked up under a 24-day house arrest(most of April) after refusing their fake, invasive PCR “covid test”, I then refused to pay their $1090 “expiation fee” (my heinous crime was to preserve my bodily integrity in the face of these disgusting medical fascists), and have elected to be prosecuted. i spoke about this at the Adelaide Freedom Rally on 15th May. My legal advisor is a courageous former Federal Court Judge, Stuart Lindsay. We are accumulating a pile of evidence to debunk the dud test, if this matter proceeds to court. I know what I am doing: I have a degree in public health and a PhD in micronutrients and have worked on improving nutrition in various developing countries for 20 years. Stuart will be speaking at tomorrow’s rally in Adelaide. I am currently on holiday in Darwin. Will we get the same shite on returning to Adelaide next week? If so, I will again refuse their fake test.

  2. From my research viruses come into the same category as the bogeyman. They don’t exist, but the public doesn’t know and they are scared into having vaccines. Polio was caused by DDT, not a virus. Polio largely disappeared after DDT was banned. All the vaccines mostly seem to appear just as the disease is about to disappear due to better hygiene and other reasons.

  3. You are essentially right, Youkuya. And in addition, numerous diseases, including smallpox and polio were/are extended by vaccines. A recent example: nearly half a million children partially paralysed by Gates’s polio vaccines in India. Infectious diseases were mostly reduced/eliminated by better sanitation, safe drinking water, improved nutrition, decent housing and cheap energy. I have yet to find a genuine example of vaxxes and drugs improving public health…indeed have found just the opposite.

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