November 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Discussion: The Falsification of Science

  1. Adam is an amazing interviewer. So humble and shows a lot of respect for his guest. Draws out the discussion and real conversation. Great podcast.

  2. Good podcast, and the part I liked best was when John and Adam discussed their non-compliance with the diktats of the coronahoax psy-op: sanitisers, face nappies, lockdowns…these are edicts/directions/rules, which are legally unenforceable. Not to mention the global covax program, which is in blatant violation of The Nuremberg Code.

    In my 20-year scientific career I have seen scientism close-up: many “professors” I have come across are of moderate intellect and not truth-seekers, but are adept at following the money and thus make useful lackeys for the parasitic globalists, i.e. they are just pseudo-scientists who repeat the global warming/climate change and covid mantras. Most of these people haven’t got an original idea in their heads. On the other hand I have seen true geniuses with much to offer confined to the fringes of academia, or even expelled from universities for political incorrectness. I recommend the books of Bruce Charlton, formerly of Loughborough University…several are free on the www. He writes eloquently about the pervasive mediocrity of the Western scientific structure and the deliberate marginalisation of genius.

    If you want the truth about climate, carbon dioxide, covid and vaccination, you will find it not in the “most prestigious scientific journals”, namely “Nature” and “Science”, but on TOTT News, Real News Australia, and in “New Dawn”, “Nexus” and the new Kiwi magazine “The Real News”.

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