Euthanasia becomes law in Western Australia

Western Australia has become the 19th jurisdiction in the world to legalise euthanasia, with the government’s voluntary assisted dying law clearing its final parliamentary hurdle.

Health Minister Roger Cook “held back tears” as he delivered his final address to the house.

Assisted suicide is now legal in WA. Photo: NSD

Western Australia has become the 19th jurisdiction in the world to legalise euthanasia, with the government’s voluntary assisted dying law clearing its final parliamentary hurdle.

Health Minister Roger Cook “held back tears” as he delivered his final address to the house.


Western Australia has passed the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act, allowing patients with a disease that would likely cause death within six months — or 12 months for neurodegenerative diseases — to end their life with a lethal “voluntary assisted dying substance”.

WA Health Minister Roger Cook ran the Legislative Assembly through all 55 upper house amendments last week, before the bill was passed just after 6pm.

Holding back tears, Mr Cook thanked all those involved in developing the bill and said WA was now a “respectable” second Australian jurisdiction where euthanasia would be legal.

The state joins Victoria in stipulating that a ­patient must make at least three requests for voluntary assisted dying — two verbal and one written — and two separate doctors must assess their eligibility.

The new WA legislation is different to Victoria in several ways, however, and is considered ‘more liberal’. In Victoria, one of the two ­assessing doctors must have ‘‘specialised knowledge or experience’’ in the condition that is causing the patient’s death.

This means they must be an actual specialist such as an oncologist if the patient has cancer. In WA, the legislation requires only that the assessing doctors are GPs with 10 years of experience.

If an assessing doctor is a specialist of any kind, they only need one year of experience in their field.

While the new legislation is not expected to come into effect until the mid-2021, there are already calls for it to be relaxed to allow people who are “tired of life” to access dying under its provisions.

Prominent pro-euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke said WA’s laws were too restrictive and would force the elderly “to travel to the other side of the world where the criteria is not about how sick you are, but about whether you have the decision-making capacity to decide now is the time to go”.

Opposition to the new bill have warned campaigners would attempt to extend the law to those who would otherwise be ineligible, in an intense debate that has dragged on for most of the year.


Critics of WA’s law say it is the least safe euthanasia regime to be enacted by an Australian legislature, and the broad nature of the bill is open to be expanded upon. 

“It’s verifiably the case that this is the most dangerous legislation that’s ever passed,” prominent anti-euthanasia MP Nick Goiran said.

Critics in parliament argued there remains no requirement for a medical specialist or a psychiatrist to be involved in the voluntary assisted dying process and the lethal substance would be prescribed to patients to consume without supervision.

Self-administration of substances would also be the preferred method under the new laws in WA.

It was highlighted that other jurisdictions have changed how they implemented euthanasia laws to allow more categories of people to be included, such as those with a mental illness and/or children.

This led to fears that the laws could expand to resemble euthanasia laws in the Netherlands, where assisted suicide is permitted for patients as young as 12 and for those with psychiatric disorders. 

Concerns were raised early about patients being manipulated into choosing assisted suicide, either by doctors, family members or insurance companies.

Some doctors who support the principle also have concerns about the practice, such as the availability of life-ending drugs in the system and the lack of scholarly research on the topic.

Additionally, moral questions of the ‘value of life’ have arisen from Christian groups across the state, as a number of religions forbid assisted suicide in all cases.

Examining further, could these laws hide a deeper agenda masked under the emotional guise of ‘compassion’ and ‘freedom’?



After more than 30 years working in the public and private palliative care sector, nurse Lou Angus sent a letter to the Western Australian government, signed by 39 of her colleagues: 

The answer to bad deaths is not euthanasia. The answer is a better understanding of basic medical ethics, of palliative medicine, of what happens to the body when it is dying, and how to care for someone at the end of life.”

The Australian Medical Association also opposes assisted suicide, with WA president Dr Omar Khorshid stating the debate should be on palliative and end-of-life care, “rather than the narrow issue of assisted dying”

Many professionals have expressed concerns for whether or not assisted suicide could be provided for dementia patients, safeguards against coercion, and whether doctors and healthcare facilities could opt-out of providing services.

So why are authorities pushing these types of laws through parliament? Is it because they ‘care’?

As we have explored previously, with no moral framework to guide the perceptions of reality, an approaching posthuman era is set to present the final piece of the Dehumanization Agenda.

As Aldous Huxley wrote about, a world of faith and convictions has been intentionally transformed to a world of spiritually infected cultures, crying out in search of a existential meaning of life.

Euthaniasia, by convincing people that death is their ‘only option’, highlights the nature of this ongoing story of society driven by a eugenicist cult of scientific ‘enlightenment’.

This is despite the sources of many issues — suppression of cures for the terminally ill, medical and big pharma manipulation, an engineered social environment — all ignored in favour of this premise.

Once people are convinced that taking their own lives is the only option to solve a number of key issues relating to the human spirit and journey, nothing is left to fight for; as now a second option has appeared. 

Is euthanasia just another anti-human game being employed by the Brave New World Order?


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  1. Time to control another country and introduce more control – how many deaths were from vaccines by chance?

  2. It’s a curious thing that many of the most enthusiastic supporters of euthanasia are Third World Invaders in the West. And yet almost all the victims of euthanasia are from the World’s Smallest Ethnic Group: Europeans (=”Caucasians”), who comprised 25% of all the people on the planet in the 1950s, now down to 7% worldwide, falling to 5% within a decade, and predicted total extinction after that.

    You are right to suspect that euthanasia is part of the Illuminati depopulation agenda, but only one ethnic group is being targeted.

    1. They planned this well ahead & in advance, it’s all part of their Kalergi, Kaufman, Morgenthau & Hootonplans for European Genocide agenda, to wipe out all the white people, as they are to hard to control to the psychopaths.

      Who are they?
      They are in fact psychopaths, who care only for themselves. These loonies think & view themselves as the chosen ones by their god, while they view the Goyim, as either their slave and or cattle etc.

      They own & control the mass media, also took over & infiltrated education etc.

      It is these who are our real & true enemies.


      1. You are absolutely right in all that you said. I couldn’t watch that video you linked because it was obscured by a flickering dark cloudiness over the screen. I hope it did not idolise Hitler, because he was just another Illuminati agent, whose task was to start WW2 to “cull the goyim”. He faked his own death and escaped with Eva Braun to the Illuminati Hideout Country called “Andinia” in Patagonia, where he watched in comfort and safety while the German people were exterminated in “Hellstorm”.

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