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We are looking forward to a big year ahead here at TOTT News! The following is an overview of things you can expect from us in 2019!

This includes increased content of all of our staple categories, such as news and feature pieces, new additions and features for subscribers and members, and much more!

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We are looking forward to a big year ahead here at TOTT News! The following is an overview of things you can expect from us in 2019, including increased content of all of our staple categories, new additions and features, and more!

Here is a look at what we will be publishing in 2019:



We are regularly scoping Australian and international headlines, parliamentary discussions and legislation websites, and the latest pressing topics in society today, to bring you the most important news for your reading!

In 2019, you can expect much of the same, including a regular schedule and added bonuses like featured guests and guest writers for the website.

View our latest news articles here:


Why is all of this happening? Who is responsible? Where is this heading? These are some of the questions we explore in our regular feature pieces on this website.

We will be releasing some of our most important analysis and opinion content in 2019, as Australia enters one of the most interesting periods in recorded history.

View our latest feature pieces here:


For those who may have missed it, we have recently launched another podcast, this time with Real News Australia in late 2018, dedicated to discussing the latest topical and news content from Australia and around the world.

This year, we hope to grow and diversify the podcast, and will continue to release content on a regular basis via our Podbean and iTunes accounts!

View our latest podcasts by visiting this page:


We have recently re-launched our YouTube channel following a hiatus after the end of the Australian Roundtable Podcast. Two new feature-length videos have been released in the last month, and we will be producing more regular public videos again in 2019!

This includes a variety of featured guests, collaborations, special projects and exclusive YouTube-only content for our subscribers.

View our latest video content here:


Diversity of information and content is important to us, because the reality is that not everyone digests either of those things the same. To this notion, we will be looking to further utilise the talents of our fantastic art team in 2019, including more comprehensive graphics and an increased schedule of political cartoons!

View our latest cartoons and illustrations here:


In addition to regular news and media pieces, we will also continue to share daily content on our social media pages for discussion with all of our supporters.

This includes things like mainstream news propaganda, official announcements, content relating to our themes, exclusive images and videos not found on the website, and more!

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All of our existing FREE subscribers will soon be able to sign into our website directly to access Subscriber Content!

Subscriber Content is a new concept we are introducing to give our current subscribers a taste of our Membership Content, without the cost or commitment of a membership. These pieces will focus on specific topics or points explored in our greater member features for the month.

For example, our next membership feature will focus on the history and agenda of mainstream media in Australia. In this case, our subscriber piece will focus on the history of Fairfax and Newscorp specifically. Other topics will be explored in the greater piece, however.

This will allow our subscribers to learn more about our original research contained in our monthly membership pieces, by releasing snippets or previews for free.

We hope that this will encourage existing subscribers to join the website as members, however the main intention is to provide more additional content for our subscribers each month regardless!

We are confident you will enjoy our Subscriber Content either way, and look forward to hearing your feedback on some of the topics explored.

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All of our existing members of TOTT News will enjoy even more benefits in 2019 and beyond, including increased quality in content and further additions to the membership.

Our membership content will now include more comprehensive feature video pieces to accompany the text inside, related contextual content, featured guests, and much more. This includes additional hidden content not available to the public. This is in addition to all existing benefits as a member of TOTT News.

Over the next few years, we will attempt to unravel the complete lie system in which we were born into, one block at a time.

We will also be increasing the amount of Member Circle Podcasts to now match the number of member pieces released. This means, we will now be discussing each feature piece with members, as opposed to a fluctuating schedule. We will look to do this the same weekend of release, giving members time to digest the content, and bring whatever they want to discuss about the theme to the podcast each month!

NEW | We will be launching an exclusive 24/7 Discord Chat Server for all members in early 2019. This will create an exclusive space for TOTT News to communicate with members (technical issues, pitches, submissions), and provide a platform to discuss solutions to many of the problems facing Australia today.

The hope is to also create an organic online community of like-minded people that interact with each other regularly and independently, as opposed to just exclusively on the website.

All members: Please check your emails for full details on this if you haven’t already!

We look forward to an amazing year of discussions ahead!

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We look forward to hearing all of your feedback, opinions and ideas in 2019!



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